LINKS! The Rock’s new pebble, Williams-Sonona Christmas Catalog Hater’s Guide, ‘Cat Person’ explained…

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Premiere

DLISTEDSelena Gomez is *this* close to letting Justin Bieber back in the sack

REALITY TEAShannon Beador is pretty sure David is lying about his assets and has hired an expert-slash-private-investigator to check him out

CELEBITCHYDonald Trump’s tweets about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand are just well-seasoned pine logs on an already roaring sexual harassment bonfire

JEZEBELThe Hater’s Guide to the 2017 Williams-Sonoma Christmas Catalog is here!

THE BLEMISH“The latest breakthrough in p0rn technology was brought to us by an anonymous Redditor going by the handle deepfakes. He used machine-learning algorithms to create an AI that replaces porn stars’ faces with celebrities to make fake celebrity sex tapes.”

VOXIf you’ve heard a lot about this “Cat Person” story but aren’t sure what all the hubhub is about, here’s an explainer

VERY SMART BROTHASAnd here’s a hot take on Christmas parties based around ugly Christmas sweaters (spoiler: they are turds)

THE SUPERFICIALDwayne “The Rock” Johnson (also known as America’s next president) and his longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian are having another baby

UPROXXMichael Che and Colin Jost are now co-head writers of Saturday Night Live

(Photo credit: The Rock’s new pebble via Adriana M. Barraza /

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