Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann rescued fiancée Lekota Koch from a rushing river

Matt McCann - Lekota Koch

Teen Mom 3‘s Matt McCann and fiancée Lekota Koch had quite the scare last weekend when a hike went very wrong. Unfortunately for the pair, reports of their accident stirred up drama with followers — with some accusing Matt of being back on drugs. We spoke with Lekota today to get her side of the story.

Lekota explained that after Matt returned from celebrating Easter with daughter Arabella, they decided to take a hike in the woods. After a while, they came upon an abandoned building. They wanted to check it out, but were blocked by a stream.

“On both sides were these two cement slabs we could use to jump across,” Lekota told us. “I decided to go first and, when I jumped, I slipped and hit the other cement slab and went into the water. The current was very fast and it was all pouring into basically a sinkhole.”

Lekota said she tried to swim against the current, but it was too strong.

Lekota Koch Sinkhole
She shared this picture on Twitter to demonstrate what the sinkhole looked like. The one she encountered was like this, but “with a bunch of rocks around it.”

“That’s when Matt jumped in and grabbed me,” Lekota said, adding their friend was able to help pull her out of the water. “I remember getting to the car and that is when I blacked out for about 12 hours.”

When she woke up the next day, she was “dizzy wobbly” and couldn’t remember anything besides trying to jump. Her sister took her to the ER and doctors told her she was likely experiencing post-traumatic stress. That, she said, explained why she blacked out afterward.

Although Lekota credited Matt with saving her life, she said on Twitter that they were taking “a break from each others company” for a while. At that point, some people accused Matt of being back on drugs — apparently assuming that’s why Lekota needed space. She didn’t let those rumors float around for long before firing back.

“Matt hasn’t relapsed… We are still very much together. Matt’s taking this time to handle custody s**t and I’m taking my time to recover,” Lekota said on Twitter. “I told Matt I needed to be alone, so he packed and went to his moms. We are still together.”

She added to us that drugs weren’t involved either before or after.

“Matt has not relapsed and im not a drug user,” Lekota said. “I even refused the anxiety pills they prescribed me.”

Fortunately, Lekota is now on the mend and said the scare brought her and Matt closer together. But, considering Matt previously dealt with his own nature-related medical emergency, maybe it’s time they find less outdoorsy hobbies!

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