Cops find stolen loaded pistol stashed in Tennessee teen’s lady area

Dallas Archer mugshot

The cops got quite a surprise while booking 19-year-old Dallas Archer into the Kingsport, Tennessee jail on Monday after she was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

During a search a female corrections officer was alerted to an “unknown object” in the vicinity of Archer’s crotch. Said corrections officer and a female police officer escorted Dallas to a restroom and during the process of a more comprehensive search it was discovered that Archer was in possession of a concealed handgun inside her vagina.

The weapon was identified as a loaded North American Arms 22 LR revolver (example above). The pistol is a 5-shot mini-revolver that is 4 inches in length. The Smoking Gun reports that this smoking gun had been stolen during an “auto burglary in 2013” from 70-year-old John Souther.

In a follow up, Souther stated that his weapon was lifted from his Mustang while it was parked at his home. He was told by the police that it had been recovered after Archer’s arrest but no further details were given to him. When TSG gave him the scoop on exactly how it was found he simply replied, “Oh gosh.”

Souther hopes to get “the little fellow” back but added that the gun would require a “bath in bleach” beforehand.

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