VIDEO Woman kicks snow at stray cat, stray cat kicks ass back

Michigan woman kicks snow at a cat, the cat attacks her head in viral video

Sometimes you just get tired of the world kicking’ dirt (or snow) in your face and you have to take a stand. Such was the case in Melvin, Michigan recently when a woman claiming to have been trying to protect her dog began kicking snow at a stray cat in an attempt to scare it away. Internet viral video history ensued…

I don’t think I need to reveal what my favorite part of the clip is, but let me point out my second favorite… the dog’s reactions to the whole thing! If you’ll notice, his little tail is just a-waggin’ during the snow kickin’, but after the cat jumps the woman’s head his tail falls limp. Then, when the woman walks past and up the steps and into the house, the dog keeps looking back and forth between the door and the cat as he tries to comprehend wtf just happened.

Michigan snow cat attack dog reaction

Talk about your perfect Ridiculousness freeze frame! (Imagine Rob Dyrdek inserting his ideas about what the dog is thinking with Chanel West Coast giggling hysterically.)

Then, there is a moment of reflection when the dog is staring straight ahead — between the cat and the door — and I think it all sinks in. At this point he turns to go up the steps and the cat charges the fence asserting its rightful place as king (or queen) of the yard.

Detroit’s Fox 2, which first received the video clip with the title “Horrible cat attack,” was later contacted by the woman in the clip (she chooses to remain anonymous) who reveals she had to go to the hospital after the attack due to injuries sustained to her face from the feline’s mouth and claws.

Melvin Michigan Snow cat attack victim injuries photo

The woman, seen in the photo above, says “she ended up getting an infection that manifested into cellulitis, causing her face to swell,” according to Fox 2.

The woman reveals that she had taken the attack cat in after finding out someone intended to shoot and kill it. The cat was “sweet as pie” initially says the woman, who owns three other cats, but later began growling at her mom’s dog and tried to attack it. That’s when the attempted shoo away and ensuing carnage captured in the clip occurred.

The cat in the clip was later picked up by Sanilac County officials and tested for rabies, but the tests results were negative. In other words, the clip is viral but the cat is not.

There is no update on the fate of the cat, although my guess is that it is currently signing a manager and we’ll be seeing it next week on Ellen.

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