Storage Wars’ Brandi Passante wins sex tape lawsuit against Hunter Moore

Brandi Storage Wars

Back in October Storage Wars star Brandi Passante sued internet uber douche Hunter Moore after he posted an explicit video on his website featuring a woman that looked similar to Passante and claimed that it was her. He later taunted her about the clip on Twitter and posted it on the adult website Fleshbot as well.

On Friday Brandi’s case went before Judge James V. Selna of U.S. District Court in central California and he ruled in her favor, awarding her $750 plus legal fees and costs, as well as a permanent injunction ordering Moore to “remove any remaining and undisclosed content of video from all websites and restraining Defendant from disseminating the content of the video.”

Brandi asked for $2.5 million in damages in the suit, claiming she “experienced anxiety, loss of sleep and physical illness” due to the video, in addition to damage to her professional reputation. Judge Selna said in his ruling that Brandi “provides absolutely no support for this calculation of damages.”

$750 may not sound like much, but cases like this are not cheap, and I’m guessing Moore is on the hook for legal fees and costs in the neighborhood of at least $25,000. Plus, the most important thing is that the video has to come down and Brandi has essentially proven that it is a fake. Plus, it’s very important that Brandi followed through with the suit because it establishes a very clear precedent for similar cases in the future.

Here are side-by-side photos of the real Brandi Passante and the fake Brandi Passante in the video posted by Hunter Moore:

Brandi Passante sex tape posted by Hunter Moore is fake

In case you missed it, in addition to taunting Brandi on Twitter, Hunter Moore also responded to her attorney’s email by sending her a photo of his penis along with the message, “Hi Linda, my lawyer wanted me to know if brandi missed this? please get back to me as soon as possible.”

You can find out more about Hunter Moore’s despicable history, including his infamous “revenge p0rn” website Is Anyone Up?, here.


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