22-yr-old fashionista Ashley Ann Riggitano jumps to her death, leaves behind Louis Vuitton bag with list of 5 people banned from her funeral

Ashley Ann Riggitano Facebook photo

Ashley Anne Riggitano, a popular New York City fashionista and intern for Alexander Woo, was set to turn 22-years-old yesterday, but instead of the fun celebration with friends that one might expect from someone of her status, Ashley jumped to her death off the George Washington Bridge.

The New York Post reports that Ashley jumped off the famous bridge and into the Hudson River at 4:40 p.m. yesterday from a midway point in the Jersey-bound lanes of the upper level. Several witnesses watched in horror as she lept off the bridge and continued looking on until her body was pulled out of the Hudson by harbor patrol.

She left behind a Louis Vuitton handbag which contained handwritten notes singling out five people who had made her unhappy and whom she wanted banned from her funeral. The notes also mention a man who also disappointed her, but wasn’t banned from the funeral. Ashley did note that she hoped he “gets what he deserves,” however.

Another note read, “All my other ‘friends’ are in it for gossip. Never there.”

Ashley Ann Riggitano and best friend Victoria Van Thunen

Ashley was allegedly bullied by her fellow students in college as well as her co-workers, and had reportedly tried to commit suicide before. Authorities also found Adderall and Klonopin in her handbag, which may have played a part in her decision to end things.

Ashley started her own business called The Missfits where she hand crafted jewelry made out of semi precious gemstones with her best friend Victoria Van Thunen. “We are two Jersey girls who grew up one poof of Tinkerbell’s fairy dust from culturally rich NYC,” the Missfits Web site reads. “And although we hail from the Garden State, it is Manhattan that we will always call home.”

Ashley’s family in New Jersey has yet to comment on the tragic event.

Photos: Facebook (Top) and The Missfits (Bottom) via Daily Mail

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