VIDEO – Betty White does Gangnam Style with Psy


“Geezer Gangnam Style”? Maybe this is what Psy meant when he said he wanted to retire “Gangnam Style.”

The “Gangnum Style” horse dance may be overplayed now, with even Psy himself saying he needs to “retire” it in the US and come up with new material, but the only person to bring fresh life to the craze is Betty Freakin’ White.

In a promo for her show Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, she invites Psy over to teach her mature friends how to do the dance properly. It’s strange that the actual song doesn’t play once during this whole clip:

Season 2 of Betty White’s Off Their Rockers premieres January 8 at 8:00 on NBC. Along with Psy, special guests this season will include Howie Mandel, Nicole, Richie, Kim Kardashian, Nick Lachey, NeNe Leakes, Ed Asner, Nick Cannon, and Steve O.