Nine reasons why we love Betty White

Betty White hosts SNL tonight, and everyone’s got Betty White mania. If you’re one of the two people who don’t love her, there’s really no saving you. But if you feel an overwhelming affection for Betty and you just don’t know why, here’s a few things that might clear it up:

1. She invented television

Betty White sang on one of the very first experimental television broadcasts, hosted one of the very first variety shows (a five-day-a-week L.A. gig called “Hollywood on Television”), and starred in and won an Emmy for an early sitcom “Life with Elizabeth.” CLICK HERE to watch episodes.

2. Quiz Show Queen

Betty was fierce game show competitor, appearing frequently on Password and Match Game:

3. Animal Savior

Betty has always loved animals, and made it her life’s work (besides bringing joy and laughter to humans) to be an active animal health advocate. She’s been involved in many animal organizations including Los Angeles Zoo Commission, the Morris Animal Foundation, and Actors & Others for Animals. She also co-wrote a touching novel about a man’s relationship with his Labrador with Tom Sullivan called Together.

4. She’s always been a saucy dish

5. When Betty White asks for a cup of coffee, you f-ing get her a cup of coffee!

6.She plays a mean game of beer pong:

7. She’s a sex expert:

8. She gets grumpy without her Snickers:

9.  She forgot to grow old