VIDEO – Watch full episodes of Betty White’s 1950s series “Life With Elizabeth”

Betty White first emmy for Life With Elizabeth

The outrageously fabulous Betty White will be hosting SNL May 8, but she got her start in television over 60 years ago, she even sang on one of the first experimental television broadcasts. Betty hosted an LA variety show called Hollywood on Television that ran for several hours every day, five days a week from 1949-52, and then starred in one of the very first sitcoms: Life With Elizabeth from 1952-55.

White, who’s first name is just Betty, not Elizabeth, won her first Emmy for the ’50s show, and would go on to win six more. She co-starred with Del Moore as pre-Lucille Ball hairbrained housewife. Betty’s razor sharp wit and timing were impeccable from the start. It’s obvious Betty was born for television, and television obviously knows it owes Betty a great deal, it’s been kind to her ever since.

Here’s the first two episodes of Life With Elizabeth:

Episode One:

Episode Two: