Real Housewives of Miami live reunion recap and fallout

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 1 cast photo

The Real Housewives of Miami may last only one shortened season but with Bravo’s first live Housewives reunion show last night the “ladies” of South Beach went down swinging!  There was more juicy yelling, name calling, swearing and bitterness in the first 2 minutes of the reunion show than there was during the entire season.

Here are the heated highlights and then a follow up with some Twitter reactions that have already come from some of the girls.

The night had to start off with “hookergate” and it’s amazing how much Lea and Cristy still resented each other for that event.  To rehash, Cristy along with two (maybe three) friends came to Lea’s big charity event without a ticket, this angered Lea so she later billed Cristy who paid much much later but for only two not three (possibly four) of the attendees.  The ladies went back and forth over the same issues when the night got rolling as Adriana De Moura launched into Cristy with some nasty name calling and accusations.

Adriana called Cristy the biggest liar she’s ever met, a pathological liar, then out of nowhere she insulted Rice in regards to how she was dressed and called her ridiculous.   Following a Cohen intervention Lea and Cristy shook hands in a big ol’ fake let’s forget about it moment.

Andy asked Adriana about the perception that she draws a bunch of drama based attention to herself on purpose.  She responded by stating that it’s a reality show and that if all the ladies would have acted like she did the show would be rocking and that it would be bigger than (Real Housewives) Beverly Hills.  Cohen was kind of in disbelief at that awkward and wonderful live moment.

Miami Housewife Adriana De Moura pole dancing

Next the ladies discussed raising their kids or their nannies raising their kids and Larsa told Adriana that she raises all four of her children perfectly.  They move on to Marysol’s on camera marriage and there’s a seriously strange exchange in which Patton questions why she cries when she watches her wedding.  Once again, more disbelief from Cohen as he explained that she probably cries because it’s her freaking wedding and Marysol wondered if that’s weird.  Wacky!

Sadly Marysol would not discuss how much plastic surgery work Mama Elsa has had even though the viewers had submitted a “dump-truck” of questions in regards to that topic to Bravo according to Andy.

Marysol and Elsa Patton on their road trip from Miami to NYC for WWHL!

Andy asked Adriana about how she felt in regards to Cristy’s comment about Adriana kissing Lea Black’s a$$ because Lea introduces Adriana to men with money.  Adriana and Lea proceeded to call Rice a liar and Rice stated that Adriana told her as much about Lea’s hook ups.  Now here comes the rage!

Adriana said that Cristy looks like a man because of her defined abs, then she laid it on Larsa for being too close to Cristy.  Cristy called out Adriana for putting her butt on the camera during an episode and then Adriana said and I will quote this one:

“At least I’m not giving bl0w jobs to 19-year-olds like you do.”

As if that wasn’t personal enough she then called out Cristy for still using her ex-husband’s name Rice instead of her birth name Fernandez.  Then she yelled out something about Cristy dragging a Zumba instructor into the house and fu**ing him while (bleeped out) were in the house.  I’m guessing she said children but I’m not sure?  Cristy tries to explain to Andy, who was reminding Rageriana that the show is live, that Adriana wanted to be on the show to rub it in her ex’s face and for fame.

Real Housewives of Miami star Cristy Rice

Next there’s a lengthy discussion about Larsa and Mama Elsa’s reading that happened over a dinner.  Elsa said that Larsa was emotionally immature, worried about a man and could be poor in ten years.  Larsa had her feelings hurt and talked poorly of Elsa afterwords which hurt Marysol’s feelings deeply.  Larsa stated that she feels bad about what she said but there didn’t seem to be too much sincerity behind her comment.

During the ensuing commercial break Marysol called Larsa a very angry person who lies about her finances while Larsa counter attacked by saying that Marysol was as old as her mother and obsessed with plastic surgery.  At this point Marysol teared up prompting Larsa to try another mea culpa to no avail.  After being asked, Larsa stated that her family has no financial problems and defended her apparently huge ego by claiming that she’s simply a happy and confidant person.

Lea was set up on the chopping block next for her “nobody else is laughing” inappropriate jokes including her green card comments about Marysol’s husband Philippe.  Lea stated that she has no regrets about her comments writing off her hurtful “jokes” to bad comedic timing.

Alexia Echevarria's Venue magazine featurin The real Housewives of Miami

Alexia was then asked about how she is raising her son Peter.  She defended her relaxed approach and her focus on his weight because of his desire to become a male model.  Then she tried again to apologize for calling the folks of Hialeah, FL a “lower people” while singling out Cristy and Larsa for distancing themselves from her in their Bravo blogs because of the Hialeah diss.

Annnnnnd that was what went down on the reunion show minus about 20 Adriana bleep outs!

(Deep breath) Now lets take a look at some of the tweet fallout from the ladies following this South Beach brawl hosted in the NYC.

Cristy Rice:

Adriana De Moura:

Lea Black:

Marysol Patton:

Alexia Echevarria: (Ironically has only commented on what she wore!)

Larsa Pippen: