VIDEO Snooki says UTI was caused by “butt sex or something” on WWHL

Snooki and JWoww on Watch What Happens Live

In case you were wondering why Andy Cohen’s late night talk show is called Watch What Happens Live, last night’s episode would have left little doubt in your mind! Jersey Shore stars Snooki and JWoww were happy to answer questions most guests might consider too embarrassing or risque, often times providing a little too much information in the process.

Such is the case when Andy brought up the fact that Snooki had peed on the back deck in last night’s episode of Jersey Shore, which Snooki had revealed was because of a urinary tract infection, or “UTI” as she calls it. (Apparently she has a good deal of experience with them.)

Andy jokingly mentioned that he was concerned Snooki might take a leak in the Bravo clubhouse, but Snooki assured him it wouldn’t happen because her UTI had cleared up. She then went on to offer up her theory as to what may have caused it. Needless to say we got one of Andy Cohen’s many patented shock faces as well as a stunned groundhog guido bartender!

UTI 101 by bubbascarce

For those of you unable to watch the clip, here’s what was said:

Andy: As it turns out you did pee yourself in tonight’s episode.

Snooki: I’m such a dirty little rat! I’m watching it and I’m like, “Ewwwww!” But, you know when I’m drunk, anything goes.

Andy: OK. I hope you don’t pee yourself tonight!

Oh no, I’m good. My UTI is gone.

Andy: Alright. Great.

Snooki: I finally went to the doctor and got antibiotics.

Andy: OK good. And that was what it was? UTI?

Snooki: Yeah, I think it was from like butt sex or something.

JWoww: Oh my god!

Andy: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

JWoww: Seven second delay!

Andy: Look at the groundhog [the bartender in the clubhouse was a shirtless male model wearing a groundhog nose in honor of Groundhog’s Day] he just saw his shadow! The juiced up groundhog! Oh my god. OK.

Ummmm… I would assume Snooki kind of knows what she’s talking about, and I’d just as soon not educate myself.

Speaking of educating myself, I remember when I first wanted to get into the blues and a friend of mine loaned me his Willie Dixo Trio CD which had the MOST PERFECT SONG EVER for last night’s clubhouse bartender! Here’s a photo of him followed by a link to the song (it will pop up and play in a new window)

Watch What Happens Live groundhog juice head clubhouse bartender
Juice-Head Bartender (Album Version)
^ Click here to play!

Whatya think, Andy? Perfect, right?!?

Photos/video: Bravo

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