J Woww and Snooki self deprecate on Flow and Nancy Show

Jersey Shore's J WoWW and Snooki as Flow and Nancy

The global takeover of the world by the cast of Jersey Shore is continuing in the self depreciative form of The Flow and Nacy Show on YouTube.  Shore cast members JWoww and Snooki created this masterpiece of bed-web-cam drama on their own as they have taken on the personas of older frustrated Jersey ladies who are sick of all the Jersey Shore crap!

So what do ol’ Flow and Nancy think about the guidos and guidettes and their antics?  They think it’s a bunch of freakin’ crap!  Here is what the stubborn old Jersey broads had to say, when they weren’t cracking themselves up. Be warned, these old gals can cuss like a sailor:

There is a knock on the door and I think it’s Oscar, or would it be his sister Emmy?  Anywho, JWoww and Snooki have outdone themselves this time.  Here are some of the highlight quotes from the premiere episode of The Flow and Nancy Show:

Nancy: We’re here to talk about that fuc**ng raunchy bullsh*t show called the Jersey Shore.

Flow: They (the cast of Jersey Shore) are orange oompa loompas.  They’re disgusting.

Nancy: Who goes to the gym and does laundry 7 days a week?

Flow: And then you got Pauly D and his freaking hair.  What kind of hair is that?

Nancy: What, do you think I want my kids reading Pookie’s novel?

Flow: This Jersey Shore crap needs to get off the air!

Stay tuned to The Flow and Nancy Show here as they have promised a bi-weekly talk on trendy topics.  This revolution WILL be televised!