RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson’s ex-husband Donn has cancer

Donn Gunvalson’s stepson Michael Wolfsmith told The National Enquirer that his mom’s ex-husband 58-year-old Donn Gunvalson has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said that this cancer diagnosis, and also Brianna’s elopement have caused things in their household to be weird, and even though Vicki and Donn are divorcing (Vicki is also dating a new man), the whole family is pulling for him.

Quote from National Enquirer via Reality Tea

“It has sort of been weird around here for the past year or so. Donn has been very sick, Briana eloped to Las Vegas last fall, and my mom is dealing with a lot of different emotions. It’s a very stressful time right now in the Gunvalson household.

My mom was upset when she told us. Since they are divorcing, we don’t see Donn as much as we used to. But we still care about him and are pulling for him.”

Vicki filed for divorce from Donn in 2010, and her new beau Brooks has some child support issues. Their divorce isn’t finalized yet, and according to the Enquirer, Donn has been hiring forensic accountants to look into the true value of Vicki’s company Coto Insurance and Financial Services.

Vicki tweeted this update about Donn’s condition February 1, 2012: “Thank you everyone for your well wishes for Donn. He is doing very good considering his diagnosis. PSA levels have dropped to almost normal.” Great to know Donn is doing better!

Prostate cancer has a very good prognosis if caught early. Hopefully that’s the case. All the best, Donn.

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