Who is single mom Jessica Red from Caged? Does she get back together with Wes Branch?

Jessica Red Wes Branch and son Jaxon from Caged on MTV

Jessica “Red” is the ex-girlfriend and baby’s mother of Wes Branch on the new MTV MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting show Caged! She’s a super gorgeous nursing student with fiery red hair, and a good head on her shoulders. Jessica is from a small Louisiana town called Minden, where she feels trapped (get it, this show’s title is literal AND metaphorical!)

Red and Wes broke up three months before they started taping the show, and Red thinks Wes uses fighting to escape reality “whenever he has a lot of stress, or any kind of anger . . . he can just go and train.” Without the fighting competition, Red thinks that Wes would be getting in all sorts of trouble.

Red Caged
^ Caged star Red poses below photo of Wes and Jaxon (MTV)

Even though they’re broken up, Red still attends every one of Wes’s fights. Red is a single mom juggling work and school. She takes their baby Jaxon to Little Angels Daycare when she’s busy. She alternates child care with Wes, still loves him, and hopes they can work out their relationship.

Wes says the breakup was “not spontaneous.” He complains about paying all the bills, but the housework was never down. Despite his (douchey) complaints, Wes also harbors the possibility that he and Red will end up married.

Do you think Red and Wes will get back together eventually?

P.S. Isn’t Red a dead ringer for Sydney from Melrose Place? (And boy oh boy do I mean that in a great way!)

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