PHOTOS Doug Hutchison’s ex-wife Amanda Sellers

Doug Hutchison's ex-wife Amanda Sellers

Just in case you’ve been in a cave, The Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, 51, has married a 16-year-old by the name of Courtney Stodden. The two have been hitting the press rounds lately defending their relationship and setting themselves up for a probable reality show. Doug has revealed that he’s been married twice before and one of his ex-wives is the lovely multi-talented lady you see above Amanda Sellers. I thought it would be interesting to find out a little more about the non-teenage wife that came before controversial Courtney.

Doug Hutchison with his wife before Courtney StoddenAccording to the bio page at for Doug he was married to Amanda Sellers from 2003 until 2005. Amanda and Doug were both formerly in bands with Amanda being in a group called Amandasonic and later Paperboy Jack. As for Doug he was front man of a quirky alt-band called the Yuh-uh-uh-uhs. The group performed at small venues around Hollywood, made it as far as to cut a homegrown album entitled “YUH!”, and apparently were most well-known for their song entitled “Vampire Chickens.”

I wasn’t able to hunt down that tune but I did find the interesting song called “Dog With Plastic Stomach.” Take a listen to funky Doug peeps!

I think I dated a girl who was in to the Yuh-uh-uh-uhs. No I didn’t. As for Amanda her sound was a little more mainstream than Doug’s. She has a MySpace page that is a little dated as it shows her last log in as 10/8/2010 but does provide some great audio samples of her work including the songs “Blink” and “Never Enough.” In the about me section she describes her rather random and interesting path to a musical career and also drops the knowledge that at the time she was a DJ for, “the best rock station in the land” The Wolf 104.9

Amanda runs an interesting blog called It’s kind of an all things Amanda site with cool insights into her life and journey. She currently lives in and loves her town of Vancouver, Canada making frequent references and odes to the city throughout her online journal. She’s big time into healthy living, healthy eating and fitness which I just didn’t imagine was possible if you blog all the time!

As for her career she’s an in-demand voice over artist and she provided links to a couple of her samples and I thought I’d include one here for you called “A Pilot’s Journey Home.”

That is a pleasant voice Amanda and I can tell why you’re in demand! The photo you see of her and Doug together was taken by photographer Joe Seer at the Los Angeles premiere of the film Willard at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles on March 12, 2003.

Speaking of photos, Amanda has the following super hot shot posted to her Myspace page. If you’re wearing glasses I would like to now give you a steamy spectacles heads up!

^Amanda Sellers Myspace

And here is a brief video clip of Amanda rocking out to “I Will Survive” with Paperboy Jack:

She currently is in the band Traces of Eve and they have a music video for a catchy song called “Solitaire Bound.”

That about concludes my round-up of Amanda Sellers and from everything I can tell she’s an intelligent, beautiful, talented and interesting woman. I’d be amiss if I didn’t do a little side-by-side comparison of Courtney and Amanda so here it goes:

Courtney Stodden and Amanda Sellers wife and ex-wife of Doug Hutchison

Life is a strange journey and while we’re going to be seeing much more of Doug and his super-young bride It’s looking like Amanda Sellers is doing just fine with her beautiful, crazy, wonderful life.

As for Doug’s other former wife, man I have no idea! If you know her identity drop us a line.

All images of Amanda Sellers except where noted: Joe Seer / for Editorial use.

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