VIDEO American Pickers’ Danielle Colby turns table on tattoo artist

American Pickers' Danielle Colby gives Billy Hill an IOWA tattoo

Yeah so maybe we just look for ANY reason to do a post on our favorite reality babe, office managin’, good gal from American Pickers but so what right!?!

We did a previous post on Miss Danielle’s amazing “Irish Blood, English Heart” shoulder ink that she was kind enough to share with her adoring public. In doing some stalking research I found a great video of Danielle returning the favor on the man who did the work, Billy Hill. That’s right! Not only does Danielle rule the AP roost, doubles as a rock-n-roller derby queen and gets her burlesque on but she does body art as well (swoon).

Here’s the clip of Dannie Diesel turning the tables on her ink-man. Enjoy (some wordy dirds are present so be mindful children)!

You can tell that Danielle is having a blast while blasting Billy’s left leg. Benny is a renowned and gifted artist in his own right and I encourage you to check out his website. He tagged the above clip with the following explanation:

This video shows Danielle Colby Cushman tattooing me shortly after I tattooed her. I did some flowers and some lettering across her back that said Irish Blood English Heart. We had such a blast that weekend I wanted something to remember it. I let Danielle Colby Cushman do a little Iowa tattoo on me just after tattooing her. Sooo Funnnyyyy haha Danielle we rock.

So this video is for all you Billy Hill fans, all you Danielle Colby Cushman as well as all you American Pickers fans. Please enjoy this video as I know we enjoyed making it.

Billy you da’ man and I must commend you on your professionalism and control with Colby draped across your body. 🙂 What? More Danielle you say? Well if I have to here’s a brief montage Hill put together during the work he did on Danielle’s shoulder design: