Legendary guitar picker Jack White on American Pickers tonight

I’m pretty obsessed with musician Jack White. I’m pretty obsessed with the show American Pickers. I’m certainly obsessed with American Pickers‘ Danielle Colby Cushman. I’m completely indifferent about a gigantic elephant head but if the latter brings all the former three together than I’m all about it and that’s exactly the case for tonight’s episode of American Pickers.

We haven’t been fed much info but what I do know is that Mike gambles big on a huge elephant head from a Maine taxidermist. Danielle is tasked with finding a buyer for such a strange item and her digging unearths none other than Jack White and his own unique collection housed at his Nashville based Third Man Records.

Mike and Frank visit Jack, a man who had a rather successful record called Elephant with that band called The White Stripes, who tries to wheel and deal the boys with some of his own unique items. Here’s the definition of a teaser clip where we are bombarded with White, Danielle, and an elephant head:

Part of Jack White’s counter-offer includes the photo booth that appears exclusively in the music video for his band The Dead Weather’sHang You From the Heavens.”

Jack, Danielle, Mike, Frank, a photo booth and the head of an elephant. A “7 Nation Army” couldn’t hold me back from this one!

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