Another love triangle for Austen Kroll and Shep Rose; both linked to Brynn Whitfield

Photos from BravoCon 2023 suggest Southern Charm f-boy Austen Kroll and RHONY reboot’s Brynn Whitfield may have gotten close, but are these stars dating or is she interested in another Southern Charm cast member? What is her connection to Shep Rose?

Read more to find out what’s going on with this Bravo love triangle…

Austen and Shep

Austen Kroll and Shep Rose are stars of the hit Bravo reality series Southern Charm. The reality show is currently airing its 9th season and the premise is all about yet another overlap in the Venn diagram of Shep and Austen’s love lives. Cameras follow elite Charlestonians as they navigate life in a close knit, seemingly incestuous, friend group.

Kroll, 36, was accused of moving in on Rose’s, 43, ex Taylor Ann Green, 29, when the two of them took their bond to the next level by making out (or more… we aren’t quite sure yet.) Austen Kroll’s ex Olivia Flowers was besties with Green at the time and so many bro and girl codes were broken with one kiss.

Austen and Shep have also battled over Chelsea Meissner, and sources say Shep got his revenge when he stole Austen’s ex Victoria away from him. These two are very twisted when it comes to sharing women!

Brynn and Shep

Brynn Whitfield, 36, from the Real Housewives’ of New York reboot series first expressed interest for Southern Charm‘s Shep Rose to Andy Cohen on an episode of Watch What Happens Live back in August. She called him “cute” and confirmed during her next appearance that they had been DMing:

He’s very sweet. He’s very smart. Very sweet, yeah. And it’s all PG. It’s, like, about philosophy and dogs — our favorite subjects.

Rose told Page Six that he thought her advances were “flattering” but he “didn’t know how his mom would react” to him dating a Real Housewife cast member. The two agreed to meet up at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas to see if they hit it off in real life.

Well, they did and turns out they didn’t really hit it off. Shep commented “I met Brynn yesterday. I like her. I like her! She’s cool,” but when Cohen asked her if she was still feeling it, her response was “eh.”

Brynn and Austen

No surprise that where Shep goes, Austen Kroll follows. Fans are in shambles seeing photos from BravoCon surface with Brynn and a different Southern Charm star. Yes, that’s right, Brynn Whitfield was seen cozying up to Austen in official photos for BravoCon 2023.

If she isn’t interested in Shep, is she moving on quickly? Are Austen and Brynn dating? Not so fast… Whitfield has actually addressed this issue before, when on another episode of WWHL with Andy Cohen she “swiped left” to Austen during a dating game.

To be fair Brynn was joking that she was “committed to Shep,” so maybe now all bets are off?

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