Anna’s dying wish was for her husband Eldridge to have custody of Kaitlyn, not Mama June

In tonight’s episode of Mama June: Family Crisis June confronts her daughter Anna Cardwell about not making a will to determine who will get custody of her kids. During their conversation Anna makes it clear that she wants her daughter Kaitlin to go to Eldrige, Anna’s husband. How did she end up with June instead?

“We don’t have any say so over Kylee, we know that. I feel like the moment you take your last breath her dad, Michael, is going to be in the front yard, pulling her out of this house,” June says about her daughter Kylee’s father. “Would that suck for everybody involved? It most certainly will, but then we also have the situation with Kaitlyn.”

“I want Kaitlyn to go to Eldridge,” Anna tells Mama June.

During confessionals, Anna says that she knows her mother wants her to draw up documents to determine who gets custody of her daughter Kaitlyn, but says she still has time.

Sadly, Anna passed away December 9, 2023. After her death, her mother June was granted emergency custody of Kaitlyn because Anna’s husband Eldridge Toney was overwhelmed by the responsibility. Eldridge is not Kaitlyn’s biological father.

Michael Cardwell, the father of Anna’s oldest child Kylee, is currently fighting for custody of Kaitlyn. Her biological father is out of the picture entirely.

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