Andy Cohen announces a new Real Housewives city is in development

RHOC Season 1

It all started nearly 10 years ago with Orange County followed by New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Beverly Hills, and finally Miami. I’m talking, of course, about Bravo’s hit franchise The Real Housewives.

Though some locales have been more successful than others, Bravo has continued introducing different cities, pumping out season after season, and ushering in a slew of women along the way.

The most recent franchise to debut was The Real Housewives of Miami back in 2011. Not long after, Andy Cohen said Miami would likely be the last spin-off. In an interview with OK Magazine, the Bravo exec said, “I really feel like we’re done.”

When questioned directly if Miami would be the final Housewives city, he answered, “Yeah.”

Fans of the series will be happy to learn all that seems to have changed! In an interview earlier today, Cohen admitted a new spin-off is in the works and on the horizon.

Andy Cohen

Andy made an appearance on Amy Phillips’ Sirius XM radio show Reality Checked when he revealed the juicy news.

Amy: Do you think there will be another Housewives franchise? Another city eventually?

Andy: I do.

Amy: Really? Oh my gosh!

Andy: Mmhmm. I really do.

Amy: And when do you think you will reveal such possibilities?

Andy: Sooner than you think.

So now the question becomes which city?

Is Bravo heading to the midwest to follow the lives of busy Chicagoans or possibly hit (pun intended) the Mile High City? Perhaps they’re going down south to the land of sweet tea and big hair; Dallas or Houston maybe?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…real_housewives_logo_question_marks

And for those of you confused about the difference between American Housewives and the international versions of the show like Melbourne, it’s a simple business deal.

Andy explained that Bravo owns the rights to the Real Housewives name as well as the format and licenses it to production companies who create their own show. Andy said he and the other original executive producers at Bravo aren’t involved.

Interestingly, Cohen admits he’s never even seen an episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Are you excited for another city? Where do you think the next spin-off will be located?