PHOTOS Andy Cohen goes for shirtless swim in Miami

Andy Cohen shirtless in Miami

Watch What Happens Live! host and Bravolebridom gaytriarch Andy Cohen was in Miami this week to Grand Marshal the Miami Beach Gay PRIDE Parade which took place Saturday. In the spirit of PRIDE Andy removed his shirt and proudly showed off his David Mazelhoff chest while taking a dip in the Ocean!

In honor of this chestacular event, we here at starcasm would like to propose a new spin on Andy’s clubhouse talk show:

Bravo's Andy Cohen to star in new show Gaywatch What Happens Live!

This moment of gay pride on Andy’s part couldn’t have been better-timed, but the same can’t be said for this next picture which pretty much literally shows Andy Cohen swimming in the lady pond – or at least wading in it:

Andy Cohen swimming in the lady pond in Miami

(Andy tweeted another photo of his lady friends on Saturday with the caption, “These are my wing-women for the weekend – my OG’s from the NYC, Graciela and Amanda.”)

I’ve never been one to hide my heterosexual admiration for Andy Cohen (is it still called a man crush if the object of your affection is gay?) and I would like to take this moment to pay him the highest honor can bestow.

Ladies and gentleman, let me present Andy Cohen…


Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen cornified

Want to cornify your own heroes at home? Then just hop on over to and get to it!

All joking aside, Randy Andy is looking pretty fantastic dontcha think?!? He’s rockin’ those Baywatch trunks and he’s got the Hasselhoff shades going on – even when in the ocean. (Probably cuz he’s a little overly-self-conscious about his eyes) But, don’t look too long at those wet trunks because it might inspire you to make an inappropriate little Ben Weiner joke! (I’m just saying.)

Out of curiosity, let’s see how AC matches up with The Hoff…

side-by-side photos of Andy Cohen and David Hasselhoff

Pretty close! And that’s THE HOFF we’re talking about! Now we just need Andy to film himself eating a cheeseburger while drunk.

What’s that? We’re running out of time? OK. But before we go, let’s have today’s poll question, which is actually just a slight modification of last night’s poll question from Watch What Happens Live!

(You can vote more than once, but you have to wait an hour)

So starcasm readers, Who Would You Rather?!? (I think you know who gets my vote, although Eddie Judge looks pretty good at the beach without a shirt too!) Here’s one last look at A.C. to help you decide:

A sexy shirtless Andy Cohen on the beaches of Miami

Andy Cohen photos: Fred Montana / Splash News