Will Kristofer Saly of the KriStef Brothers return to America’s Got Talent after his serious neck injury?

Kristofer Saly Injured America's Got Talent

Viewers of Tuesday night’s America’s Got Talent learned one of the coolest acts is down a key performer: Kristofer Saly was injured during rehearsal for his acrobatic routine.

“We had an accident,” said Stefan Liden, the other half of the KriStef Brothers act, in a video shown to the AGT audience. “My brother fell about eight feet onto his head.”

The video also showed EMTs rushing Kristofer to the hospital.

The pair shared more details on their Facebook page

Serious news. Kristef Bothers Will not perform this week. A Serious injury was sustained to Kristofers neck during a high fall in Rehearsal. He is OK and is in the healing process, we must just give some time to make sure we can deliver the best performance we can.

Miraculously, the fall seemed to cause only minor injuries to Kristofer’s neck.

“I Just wanted to give a Mega shout out to everyone for there healing energies of love and support!! I couldn’t be anymore thankful! I am VERY lucky to be okay from the freak accident fall to my neck!! It just goes to show this isn’t the END,” Kristofer wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

Although they were initially optimistic about making it back in time for Tuesday night’s show, that simply wasn’t possible. Fortunately, it seems the KriStef Brothers will be good to go for the next round of competition if Kristofer gets a doctor’s approval. (They were given a pass from Tuesday night’s round.)

It’s unusual to hear of serious injuries on America’s Got Talent. However, they do happen: Earlier this month, one member of The Chicago Boyz broke his leg in three places while performing a complicated “human jump rope stunt.” Even with one of their key members out for the remainder of the show, The Chicago Boyz have continued to win votes and are still in the competition.

Tune in to America’s Got Talent next Tuesday night on NBC at 9/8c.

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