VIDEO AMC sets “Better Call Saul” premiere date, offers new trailer

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Still suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawal? Ready for more exploration of the shady doins in the Albuquerque underground? Worry not: AMC has finally, finally let us all know when we can expect the first episode of highly anticipated new series Better Call Saul.

The network announced today that the show will debut on Sunday, February 8th, at 10 PM. A second brand-new episode will also air the following night–Monday, February 9th, at the exact same time.

(For those of you keeping score at home, February 8th is exactly 81 days from now. Adjust your calendars accordingly.)

After the premiere, Saul will air on Mondays at 10.

For those of you keeping score at home: Yes, Sunday the 8th of February is also the night of the Walking Dead mid-season premiere. Better Call Saul will follow The Walking Dead, which airs at 9. Not a bad lead-in.

AMC also unveiled a brand-new trailer for the Breaking Bad spinoff, which stars Bob Odenkirk as fan favorite sheister lawyer Saul Goodman. The trailer, though, is typical for the network and for all Vince Gilligan productions in that it is wicked stingy with details

Check it:

AMC is billing the Sunday-Monday back-to-back episodes as a two-night series premiere, but it isn’t yet clear whether the episode is a two-parter.

What’s worth remembering, though, is that Saul is a prequel: the show’s meant to tell us how Saul became Saul. For now, he’s Jimmy McGill, a down-on-his luck hustler far removed from the unwashed millions in drug money that Walter and Jesse brought in.

Here’s a greeting from the set that AMC also just shared with fans:

What do you think? Are you still excited for the show? Or burned out by AMC’s method of teasing us with new information?

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