David Hasselhoff taken to hospital after seizure

David Haasselhoff and a hamburger

It appears as though David may have fallen Hasselhoff the wagon again! Radar Online reports:

David Hasselhoff was found passed out at his home on Friday and an ambulance has been called.

UPDATE – Radar Online‘s source close to David Hasselhoff has revealed more details about today’s incident:

David has consumed alcohol over the last two days
David has been on anti-seizure medication
The 911 call was placed by David’s daughter Hayley

David is currently being held in an involuntary psychiatric hold.

From Radar Online:

“Paramedics were called to the (address omitted) in Encino for medical aid,” Los Angeles City Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott told RadarOnline.com. “Paramedics arrived at approximately 11:51 am and later transported the patient a nearby hospital.”

Needless to say, Hasselhoff has a history of alcohol problems, including this incident in which his daughter videotaped him attempting to eat a cheeseburger while severely intoxicated.