Adam Lambert arrested after dispute with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen at a Finnish bar

Adam Lambert arrested in Finland mug shot photo

American Idol veteran Adam Lambert and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen got into a drunken altercation last night outside the “Don’t Tell Momma” gay bar in Helsinki, Finland and both were arrested by police for what amounts to drunk and disorderly conduct.

Though initial reports indicated there were punches exchanged, accounts from numerous tweeters in Finland seem to indicate that aspect was a bit exaggerated. According to eye witnesses Adam and Sauli were intoxicated and did get into a bit of a squabble outside the bar. Another couple, who were friends with Adam and Sauli, tried to intervene and Adam unintentionally appeared to take a swing at the woman.

The skirmish was over by the time the police arrived, but they took Adam and Sauli and placed them in the Finnish equivalent of a drunk tank. It appears that no one involved in the incident plans to press charges and Adam and Sauli will essentially just have to pay a fine as punishment.

Adam Lambert with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen at the 2011 American Music Awards

Both Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen (seen above at the 2011 American Music Awards) have already addressed the incident online. Adam took the mathematical approach in his attempt to explain what happened via Twitter:

Adam Lambert tweets about his arrest after fighting with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen

And Sauli Koskinen took to his blog to share his insights, albeit in Finnish. Here’s a translation:

Publicity is not easy, but also celebrities are just human. Love is not easy either, but it lasts forever!

After that he thanks for a great evening and assures that despite what happened everything is fine.

P.S. By the way, paparazzi, the police also has back doors… So go home already!

*** Just in case it needed to be said, yes the Adam Lambert mug shot photo at the top of this post is completely fake. (I assume Finland is on the metric system, right?) In contrast, the photo of Adam and Sauli together at the 2011 American Music Awards is not fake and is credited to London Entertainment / Splash News.

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