Actor Johnny Lewis dismembered cat before murder

The insane and tragic ending to the life of troubled actor Johnny Lewis has a new and particularly gruesome additional chapter.

On Wednesday, Lewis, former boyfriend of Katy Perry, stormed into the apartment of his landlady, 81-year-old Catherine Chabot David, and proceeded to rampage the premises before beating and strangling David to death. He fled the scene and was confronted by two men but was able to fight them off.

He then hopped a fence back to the premises and climbed on to the roof. By the time authorities arrived, Lewis was dead from either having jumped or fallen from the roof.

Not initially reported was what Lewis, (Sons of Anarchy, Alien vs. Predator – Requiem, The O.C.), did to the landlady’s pet cat during the murder. According to police, Lewis mauled the feline to death by beating and kicking it and then dismembering it with his bare hands.

This act on top of the entire tragically violent and inexplicable situation has cops investigating if new synthetic drugs were involved. Eye-witness reports are stating that Lewis had “super-human” strength during the crime.

LAPD Cmd. Andrew Smith said:

“The thing we are seeing lately here in Los Angeles and across the country are synthetic designer-type drugs, something like ‘bath salts’, or the new one we’ve heard around here called ‘smiles,'”

Known on the street as “smiles,” 2C-I is sold in a powder or pill form and is said to have a psychedelic affect on the user. It’s listed as a schedule-I controlled substance, therefore it’s illegal to manufacture, sell or buy.

Nothing will be known on this front until the toxicology report has been completed.