90 DAY FIANCE Paul and Karine’s son Pierre missing, reportedly with Paul

90 Day Fiance Paul Staehle's son Pierre Staehle missing

The oldest son of 90 Day Fiance couple Karine and Paul Staehle has been reported missing. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, three-year-old Pierre was last seen on June 8 and “may be in the company of his father, Paul Staehle.”

There were online reports that Pierre being missing was a hoax, but several people have contacted authorities and confirmed it is true. Sarah Howes from RealiTea Squad spoke with a rep from the Louisville Metro Police Department who confirmed that Pierre Staehle is currently an active missing child.

I spoke with a source that tells me Paul and Karine recently lost custody of Pierre to Child Protective Services. The information lines up with an Instagram story post shared by Paul late Friday night.

“If two parents have their kids taken,” Paul’s text graphic begins, “the grandparents or a relative should be allowed to have temporary custody. To ban the grandparents from the children as well as the natural parents is very sad.”

Paul did a Cameo video last week in which he was clearly in a hotel room. Pierre can be heard crying throughout the video, which Paul attributes to Pierre wanting to watch YouTube on the phone that Paul was using to record the video. Here’s Paul’s Cameo video as shared on reddit:

Here is Paul’s cameo in its entirety. So much to discuss. Where to begin? from 90dayfianceuncensored

After news broke today about Pierre reportedly being missing, Karine shared a message on her Instagram addressing the situation. Here it is in the original Portugeuse, followed by the English version according to Google Translate:

Surgiram nos Ultimos dias algumas noticias sobre a atual situacao de Karine, seus filhos e seu ex-marido. Comunicamos que no momento Karine se encontra bem e seguindo conforme foi orientada perante a lei e que a mesma agradece o carinho e a forca enviada por todos os fas que lhe acompanham. Por fim, avisamos Sue no mais breve, a propria Karine ira se pronunciar pelas redes sociais &raves de uma live para tranquilizar todos os que the acompanham durante esses anos.

In the last few days there have been some news about the current situation of Karine, her children and her ex-husband. We communicate that at the moment Karine is doing well and following as she was guided by the law and that she appreciates the affection and strength sent by all the fans who accompany her. Finally, we warn Sue as soon as possible, Karine herself will speak on social media & raves of a live to reassure all those who accompany her during these years.

UPDATE – Paul spoke with TMZ and says he has been traveling with Pierre between Pennsylvania and Florida for the past few weeks as Paul “seeks work.”

From TMZ:

The reason he brought Pierre with him for this journey, he says, is because the kid suffers from extreme separation anxiety. Since they left, though, local CPS officials have taken custody of his other son (who was staying with Paul’s mom, we’re told) … and then filed a missing person’s report with cops. Louisville Metro PD confirms to TMZ they took the report.

As for what’s going to happen now … Paul tells us he and Pierre are heading back to Louisville STAT to deal with this mess, and he hopes to regain custody of his children on his own or through his folks by going to court, which he says he’ll do in the coming weeks.

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