90-Day Fiance’s Danielle announces she may be pregnant on Facebook

Is 90-day Fiance star Danielle pregnant?

Although the second season of TLC’s popular international romance reality series 90-Day Fiancé aired its last episode more than a month ago, it seems that the drama never ends for the headline-grabbing couple Danielle and Mohamed Jbari. The latest news was a bombshell dropped by Danielle on Facebook earlier this week when she announced to her fans, “I have some happy news to share with everyone, I think we are expecting a child.” She then added, “we will be going to the doctor next week to find out for sure.”

As you might imagine, the announcement resulted in a deluge of reactions ranging from congratulations to skepticism to the shaking of damn heads. But, before any sort of consummation debate breaks out here, I should point out that the announcement was apparently an attempt by Danielle to weed out leaks on her Facebook page. (Those who were previously shaking their damn heads may continue doing so.)

Well, the story did leak to numerous other 90-Day Fiancé and TLC fan pages and forums, and the accusations began to fly. One of those named by Danielle as a potential undercover spy and leak was her 90-Day Fiancé co-star Cassia Tavares! As you might imagine, Cassia (whose personal Facebook is under the name Monique Muniz) was having none of that silliness, and she took to Twitter and called Danielle out by sharing a Facebook conversation they had, which she introduced by tweeting, “Looks like Dani thinks I am stalking her, while she has a lot of snakes in that group. Give me a break, please!”

90 Day Fiance Cassia Tavares Danielle pregnant Facebook

Oh snap! Actually, that entire conversation might be summed up with Cassia’s signature t-shirt (which you can now buy):

90 Day Fiance Cassia Tavares You're So Idiot Shirt

Oh, and fans weren’t the only ones surprised by Danielle’s pregnancy announcement as husband Mohamed was apparently out of the loop as well. He shared a couple of photos of himself and a guy pal riding around town and a commenter wrote, “Heard you was going to be a daddy! Congratulations!!!” Mohamed responded with, “I don’t know what you talking about.” Mohamed later deleted the comment and his response, but (as you would imagine) that didn’t make the subject go away as more commenters asked him about the pregnancy. “Stop making stories, I don’t know nothing about that,” Mohamed wrote — and that comment is actually still there at the time of this post.

In other 90-Day Fiancé DanMo news, perhaps more shocking than Danielle’s pregnancy announcement is the fact that it appears as though Mohamed has forsaken his one true love (his brown leather jacket) and gotten himself a coat! Here’s a video of Mohamed Jballin’ with his bestie sporting the new duds:


UPDATE – Mohamed’s winter wonderland joyride apparently didn’t turn out so well. “It’s really bad to drive in the snow,” he wrote moments ago on Facebook, “we just had an accident now me and my friend.”

Oh, and in other Cassia and Jason (Jassia?) news, you can now sign a petition if you want to see them star in their own spin-off series — just click here!

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