90 DAY FIANCE Danielle shares Mohamed Jbali’s mushy Facebook DMs before he came to the US

90 Day Fiance Mohamed and Danielle Facebook DMs

I’m really enjoying the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, but I will be the first to admit that I am going through some very serious Danielle and Mohamed withdrawl! Thankfully, Danielle has given us all a little DanMo bump with some screen-capped throwback Facebook messages between her and a VERY lovey-dovey Mohamed before he got his visa, which she shared in an attempt to explain why she thought Mohamed truly loved her.

“People want to know why I believed Mohamed loved and cared for me,” Danielle began the caption for the Facebook gallery. “Here are some conversations we had 2 to 3 months before he came. You fans think you know everything from watching 5 to 10 minutes each week. You did not see our relationship behind closed doors, before the cameras and before the problems after he came.

“We are humans,” Danielle continued, “and normal like everyone else we just choose to put our life on TV. Everyone makes mistakes. No relationship is perfect and does not have problems. I struggle everyday wondering the what if’s and wondering what is true and what is not.”

The text messages do reveal a very enthusiastic and seemingly smitten Mohamed, who calls Danielle his wife repeatedly — and uses the word “love” even more often. In addition to being uncharacteristically open about his affections, Mohamed also expresses his impatience and frustration over not being able to be with his wife and her kids due to to the cumbersome K-1 visa process.

I am including all of the text messages posted by Danielle, but I have cut and pasted them together so that they are chronological (to the best of my ability). Also, Danielle responded to numerous comments after posting the photos; I included some highlights from those conversations after the images:

Danielle and Mohamed Jbali Facebook DMs
90 Day FIance Danielle and Mohamed Jbali Facebook messages

I have to agree with Danielle that the Mohamed in those DMs is COMPLETELY different from the Mohamed we saw on the show — from the very minute he stepped off the plane. And in case you were wondering, I assume that these conversations took place well after Danielle’s trip to visit Mohamed in Tunisia, since that was required before she and Mohamed started the K-1 visa process, and it was obviously well underway when these messages were written. (I also have to assume that Mohamed was at least a little more affectionate with Danielle in Tunisia than he was with her after arriving in the US!)

As I mentioned above, Danielle interacted with numerous commenters after posting Mohamed slippin’ ‘n’ slidin’ all up in her DMs. Here are some of those interactions, including Danielle’s take on current Happily Ever After star Nicole Nafziger and her Moroccan fiance Azan, who many compare to Danielle and Mohamed:

COMMENTER: I really feel bad for you and your family, Mohamed wanted to come to the US, he found a way, you, he sweet talked you, you listened and though he was being truthful….you are not the only one to fall for people wanting to come to US…..he is now out of your life, let him go, let him make his own way (however that may be) take care of yourself and your family and go on with your life.

COMMENTER: I believe she is responsible for him For TEN years!! I think I would want to keep an eye on him as long as I was responsible for sure!!

DANIELLE: yes I am responsible for him for 10 years

COMMENTER: you are divorced. You are no longer responsible if you are divorced, right?

DANIELLE: no when you are the sponsor, divorce does not end the financial responsibility if he would get government assistance the government can come back on the US citizen.

COMMENTER: Can’t you get over it and move on!

DANIELLE: I have gotten over it, I am just showing you guys don’t see everything

COMMENTER: don’t you find it weird that’s he’s always only asking to see ur girls on the video….i find that very wierd

DANIELLE: this is not all of the conversations, it is only a couple of days. There are months and months worth of conversations and some of these conversations went to his interview to get the visa .

COMMENTER: Hopefully you can mentor Nicole and help her see that exactly the same thing is happening to her

DANIELLE: Nicole will not listen to anyone, just like I did not. She will have to find out on her own.

COMMENTER: I’ll admit I’m just being nosy, & I may have missed it if it was on the show, but why in the end did you give him the divorce he wanted instead of the annulment, which would have been better for you?

DANIELLE: when we went to court for pretrial Mohamed told the judge and my lawyer he would fight the annulment and he then said I defraud him, so my lawyer advised me to convert it to a divorce because of it would cost me thousands and thousands to fight it seeing Mohamed did not have a lawyer. It was not the judge that decided it, it was me because I was tired of fighting and it would of been costly.

It’s our understanding that Danielle has been filming since her stint on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, though it is unclear for what show. Her makeover show by the same producers of Mama June’s From Not To Hot fell through after Danielle’s falling out with her former manager, but I’m wondering if she isn’t going to get some sort of similar spin-off with TLC. I suppose we will all just have to wait and see!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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