90 DAY FIANCE Russ, Paola & son Axel move into an RV VIDEO PHOTOS

90 Day Fiance Russ and Pao RV camper photos

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After couple Russell and Paola Mayfield are following in the footsteps of Before the 90 Days‘ Larry Passariello as they opt for the mobile life by moving into an RV!

Russ and Pao revealed to their fans last month that they planned on purchasing an RV. While traveling in Colorado, the couple visited an RV show and seemed ready to buy. However, there was some issue with having the RV in Pao’s name because she wasn’t born in the United States, so they had to leave empty hitched.

The duo’s disappointment quickly did an about face when they researched RVs in their home state of Florida and found what they liked at a much better price. After a stopover at Russ’s parents’ house in Oklahoma, Russ and Pao and their son Axel loaded up their vehicle with all their stuff and began the long trek back to The Sunshine State.

On Tuesday, the couple proudly showed off their new camper (aka fifth wheel) with Instagram photos and a guided tour on YouTube.

“Trying to take/find the perfect picture to tell you guys that our RV (fifth wheel) is finally here!” Pao captioned an Instagram photo gallery of the family and their new home on wheels. “We did a little video tour, and it is on my YouTube channel!”

Here’s the YouTube video with the guided tour:

In one part of the video, Pao can be seen unpacking and moving in. “I have a lot of things that I need to organize,” she says. “And I need to try to figure this out, how I’m going to fit everything in the RV.”

Despite the difficulty making things fit, Pao is very happy with the space. “The size of the RV is perfect,” she says. “I am very grateful to have a place to stay.” She later affirms that she considers the RV purchase to be a “great decision” before admitting that she is still learning how everything works.

“It’s something we’ve been wanting for a long time,” Russ said about buying an RV in the couple’s video posted last month. “We were looking at different kinds of RVs and we finally settled on what we really, really needed and wanted.”

Here are some screen caps from Pao’s guided tour video:

90 Day Fiance Russ and Pao RV photos

And Pao’s Instagram gallery post:

If you are curious about what make and model of RV Russ and Pao purchased, it’s clear from their posts that it is a Sabre Cobalt. I did some research online and I think I matched up the floor plan from their video to the Sabre 36BHQ. Here is the floor plan, link to a virtual tour, and the specs from the Forest River website:

Russ and Pao's RV camper fifth wheel floor plan

Take a pretty amazing virtual tour of the Sabre 36BHQ here.

And the specs on the Sabre 36BHQ Fifth Wheel:

Hitch Weight: 2095 lb.
UVW: 11943 lb.
CCC: 2472 lb.
Exterior Length: 42′ 0″
Exterior Height: 12′ 7″
Exterior Width: 96″
Fresh Water: 49.00 gal.
Gray Water: 76.00 gal.
Black Water: 38.00 gal.
Awning Size: 16′

Cobalt Package

10 Gallon DSI Water Heater W/Quick Recovery
15k Btu Dual Ducted Air Conditioner W/Thermostat
50 Amp Detachable Marine Style Power Cord
50 Amp Standard
Adjustable Power Awning with LED Lighting
Aluminum Wheels with EZ Lube Hubs
Back Up Camera System
Backlit “Secure Step” Entry/Exit Landing – Primary Entrance
Cellular WIFI Prep with 4g LTE Connectivity
Convenient Sewer Hose Storage
Electric Auto-Leveling System
Exterior TV Hookup with Co-Ax Connection to All TV’s
Friction Hinge Entry Door
Heated, Forced Air Underbelly with Enclosed Gate Valves
High Gloss Gelcoat Front Cap with LED Lighting
Linoleum Flooring – Main Floor & Upper Deck
Nordic White “True Glass” Entry Door with Window
Outdoor Grill Prep with LP Quick Connect
Reflective “White Performance” 2″ Vacuum Bond Laminated Sidewalls
Reflective White PVC Roof Membrane
Tire Pressure Safety Sensors
Universal Docking Station with Black Tank Flush and Shower
Versatile 2″ Rear Accessory Hitch W/300 lb Weight Rating

It’s not clear what price Russ and Pao paid for their RV, but Forest River has the Sabre 36BHQ with the Cobalt Package discounted to $47,355 from a list price of $68,312. It’s also important to note that Russell mentioned in an earlier video that they are going to need to purchase a vehicle to pull the RV as well. They were waiting to make that decision until they actually bought the RV so they would know how much weight they would be towing.

Congratulations to Russ and Pao and Axel! They seem really excited about starting the RV chapter of their lives. Perhaps they could start offering SUPER PREMIUM cameos where they actually arrive at your house to deliver the message!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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