90 DAY FIANCE Nicole’s wedding dress shop responds to critics, Nicole joins the conversation

Nicole Nafziger wedding dress shop Bearer of the Bling comments

On the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, fans saw Nicole Nafziger visit a local wedding dress shop in Florida with a rush order on a dress prior to her return to Morocco in hopes of marrying her fiancé Azan Tefou. After the episodes aired, Bearer Of The Bling Bridal (the wedding dress shop) posted a behind-the-scenes photo of Nicole shopping for dresses on Instagram, which inspired numerous critical comments about Nicole’s final dress selection. The page responded at length, pointing out just how little say they had in the entire process.

Here is the photo followed by the bridal shop’s caption:

One of our favorites on @alwayssnicole that didn’t make it in last weeks episode. We look forward to seeing her walk down the Aisle in her chosen gown after all the alterations were completed. #90dayfiancehappilyeverafter #nicole90dayfiance #tlc #90dayfiance @90dayfiancetlc

In case you missed it, Nicole wound up choosing a strapless gown with a built-in corset (top photo). The look REALLY showed off her ample bosom — something Nicole’s mom (and many viewers) were concerned might be a bit too risque for a Moroccan wedding ceremony.

I think that adequately sets the stage for the conversation in the comments section of the Instagram photo.

I do want to point out that the bridal shop engaged numerous commenters before later deciding to delete some of what they initially responded to. “It was time to start blocking the ugliness,” the store wrote, “if anyone is just tuning in and wondering where the other half of the conversation went to.” The account added: “The thing about arguing with fools is you can’t tell who’s who after A while. Nicole is an amazing sweet soul whether portrayed that way or not on t.v. Any attacking of our bride will be deleted.”

Here is what is left of the conversation after the two accounts were blocked, including Nicole’s commentary. (In addition to the store account responding, one of the shop co-owners also replied under her personal Instagram account.)

COMMENTER: She’d have looked better with straps!

BEARER OF THE BLING [BOTB]: unfortunately with a very strict time line we did the best job possible with what was in stock. At the end of the day we do not make the final choice for brides. Straps hurt her, alterations hadn’t been performed yet as of last show, and the time line was short. Nicole is a strong will lady that makes her own decisions. Once camera were cut we were absolutely not the position to share are thoughts, preferences or wishes. This is a great example of why shipping more than two weeks before a wedding is a good idea ❤️. #realitytv

COMMENTER: I’m sorry. I missed the part where you held the gun to her head and forced her to choose the dress she did. It is your job to provide an enjoyable experience… and you did that…not to scrutinize someone’s choice and taste. It is ultimately HER day and is free to wear what she wants. You guys did the best job you could and I commend you for that.

STORE CO-OWNER: [Reminder that some of these are responses to deleted comments] I didn’t lie to her. In my opinion, the dress looked nice on her, and with the proper alterations, it would have looked and fit better. It is not my position to chose her dress, or the dress of any other of our other very happy brides. She loved it! Remember, this is a TV show….there is production and all kinds of drama sprinkled throughout.

COMMENTER: to each their own. But I think you should take your negativity and unwarranted comments somewhere else. I’ve personally seen these ladies in action and they only want what makes the bride happy and what is requested. Go find something that makes you happy rather than putting amazing establishments down.

BOTB: she was leaving on a plane a week later should we have refused to sell her a gown? Does cvs deny you your lipstick even if they hate your shade of gloss chosen?

COMMENTER: I agree, I’m not trying to bash you, I understand it puts u in an awkward position and if they have their minds made up, you can’t change it, no matter what you may say?

COMMENTER: yep, her choice in the end, I really liked one with straps, she’s young difficult to change their minds, especially at her age

CO-OWNER: Trust me, there was nothing normal about this bridal appointment. Many retakes…and such. Also, I have been a fan of the show since the beginning so of course I knew the back story. We had a heart to heart with nicole, literally sitting on the sidewalk outside of our store. She is a sweet girl and we really want the best for her.

NICOLE: [Not responding to BOTB] Your comment is dirt. I chose that dress because I saw the potential in it. Whether they showed the details of the alterations I wanted to do or not, it’s my dress and only I can make that choice in dress.

BOTB: @alwayssnicole hey boo! Keep shaking the haters off.

NICOLE: @beareroftheblingbridal you know it ladies. They aren’t worth my actual time

BOTB: no disrespect to Nicole but we were not dealing with finding a size 10 bride a dress. We were chosen because A very small hand full of stores go above and beyond to keep@size 22-26 in stock. We do!!! Which gown they chose is their decision. We absolutely do not deserve to be trashed for caring and having the product that the TLC crew searched for!

BOTB: she loved it!!!!!!! She’s commented she loved it. This whole thread reminds me of a bunch of bossy sisters that think they can chose their sisters gowns for them.

BOTB: If your wondering I’m just the cleaning lady the owners left their Instagram logged in. I’ll probably get fired for all the responses. But then again maybe a raise? We’ll find out! ?

BOTB: lord where is the sense of humor in this crowd.

90 Day Fiance Nicole's wedding dress photo

BOTB: Nicole chose the dress. But un like a normal appt We didn’t have the opportunity to interject. After she said yes and they filmed the scene I mentioned there were some missed good ones that offer more coverage and I was shut down. If she changed her Mind they would have had to re film scenes. We really wish the harsh critics understood that we didn’t not have as much say or advice opportunities as in a normal appt without camera crews lol. If we changed her mind all footage would be wasted.

NICOLE: Don’t try to make them understand. They never will. Just let it go. Y’all did an amazing job. I love yall!

BOTB: @alwayssnicole ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

BOTB: @alwayssnicole I have no idea how you deal with all this.

BOTB: again thank you for the advice. Do you specialize in marketing? Our google searches are off the charts. Our photos on our page have been seen more than 45.5k times. Whether you dislike what Nicole chose to try on that night the other gorgeous gowns are being viewed and the phone is ringing for appointments.

BOTB: and you continue to not read that the customer is happy. Guess what! She’s the Bride not you! She’s A happy customer and has posted that several times. We have nothing to defend. I didn’t compare the number of followers. I compared a hashtag to the number of followers. It’s ok we get it you are living through reality t.v we thank you!

BOTB: how am I being mean? If I wanted to be mean we would have blocked you and ruined your high of degrading nicole. However since she could care less about your opinion you may want a new mission I dong think this one is working out.

NICOLE: My consultant had nothing to do with my choice in dress. Now why don’t you leave these nice ladies alone and go back on my page. Because they haven’t done anything over here. Go complain about my room or something leave this page. Your acting like a troll

NICOLE: beareroftheblingbridal dude, just block these two. They are clearly just trouble makers. Half this post is their comments.

NICOLE: Lol anything else you want to add to your rant about me? You think it will phase me? Keep trying. I know my life and I know my child. I know my fiance and I know my family to which you do not. That’s all that matters to me. Now excuse me, I have a fiance I have to get back to. Good night.

NICOLE: lol her store her choice? Do you hear yourself? If a bride went to a store where the store got to pick what dress was best for her, you think she would shop there? No! They let her choose you idiot. I swear everything out of your mouth doesn’t even make sense and your beating up a mom and pop bridal store that does a banging job. Take your trash somewhere else.

NICOLE: Because my mom couldn’t be more proud of me. She knows who I am and how my heart is she knows family always comes first to me buy I always follow my heart. So stop judging people before you know them ✌

BOTB: @alwayssnicole well I assume they’ll follow their own advice and move on taking walks, working , caregiving Yada yada. ?

BOTB: @alwayssnicole if they only knew the sweet Nicole we got to know ❤️

NICOLE: it’s ok. They will never know the real me. They don’t take the time to.

NICOLE: how can you say you stand up for me when I have already said that it was my choice and I chose that one. I saw the potential in it. So again, why are you attacking them? They can’t tell me I can’t buy a dress. If I want it then they do what they can to make it beautiful on me. Not sell me a different one I don’t want.

BOTB: It was time to start blocking the ugliness if anyone is just tuning in and wondering where the other half of the conversation went to . The thing about arguing with fools is you can’t tell who’s who after A while. Nicole is an amazing sweet soul whether portrayed that way or not on t.v. Any attacking of our bride will be deleted.

COMMENTER: @alwayssnicole “if a bride went into a store where the store got to pick what dress was best for her, you think she would shop there?” Part of the consultants job is to find a dress that not only the bride loves but one that fits and is flattering to her body type. After all she is the expert and would know what works best on different bodies. If, like in your case I picked a dress that did nothing for my body type I’d expect my consultant to offer alternatives that dis. But then again I’m a more open minded individual and have a tendency to listen to other people’s opinions, especially my mother’s.

BOTB: there was nothing normal about this appointment. If you think the film crew were going to let us change her choice your way off. I tried to grab more gowns for her to try and was told no. She loved the dress and if we know anything about Nicole it’s she does as she wants. Just ask her mom. As for the alterations our seamstress dropped the ball and corrected the top before Nicole left on her flight but too late for us to redeem ourselves. It’s given me anxiety all week.

CO-OWNER: Its a TV show! And of course they didnt air the part when we talked about the final alterations that were to be done. It made for better TV to show Nicole feeling a little insecure about the fit. We are awesome at what we do! This show was not about showcasing our expertise, it is about drama, you got it, and you are all talking about it!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’m kinda likin’ these ladies! I’m thinking TLC might want to consider giving Say Yes To The Dress: Saint Petersburg a go!

Be sure to tune in for new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After to see Nicole, her daughter May, and Nicole’s wedding dress arrive in Morocco! ***SPOILER ALERT*** Nicole’s stepdad Joe has revealed that the wedding was eventually called off and Nicole returned tot he United States after roughly six months. Of course, there are those photos of Azan wearing what looks to be a wedding ring, so who knows?

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