90 DAY FIANCE Mike and Aziza welcome daughter Olivia

For those 90 Day Fiance fans getting tired of swimming in the murky darkness of all the Season 6 drama, we have a little ray of sunshine for you! Season 1 couple Mike and Aziza Eloshway have just welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Olivia Joan!

Olivia actually arrived on Monday, January 14 and proud mama Aziza took to Instagram moments ago to share the news and the first photo of Olivia with her dad Mike:

“Guess who’s here❤️” Aziza wrote in the caption. “Little Miss Olivia Joan? 01.14.19.”

UPDATE – While writing this post, Mike posted a photo of Olivia and wrote “Our Princess has arrived! Welcome Olivia Joan, born 1/14! Great job, mommy!” Here’s that picture:

Mike and Aziza first announced they were expecting with a series of maternity photos back in September. Aoon after making the announcement, the couple made a return trip to Aziza’s home in Russia, before returning to the United States for the holidays.

Throughout her pregnancy, Aziza continued to update her Instagram followers with LOTS of super fun maternity photos with captions to match. Here is a timeline of some of those starting with the oldest and ending with one posted on December 29:

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Happy Thanksgiving from the three of us ✌️?‍?‍?

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What a wonderful day yesterday was! Baby showers are the most joyful events ever. Here's a part of the pictures, can you guess what the theme was???? Also, quick update in case you're wondering: – I can no longer wear 85% of my shoes? (don't even ask about clothes) – Sleep is not nice and relaxing anymore ? – I've never taken so many Tums in my entire life? – I'm out of breath about 70% of the time without doing anything? – I don't have any particular food cravings, I just want everything edible ????????? – Wearing those heels for a few hours messed up my feet and back for a day and a half?? – Turning from one side to another in bed is a challenge and takes some time ?? So yeah, pregnancy is a magical time??‍♀️ *************************** Какой распрекрасный день вчера был – мой Бэйби шауэр (baby shower, не знаю есть ли в русском хоть какой-то похожий эквивалент). Кто угадает какая тема была??? А также немного из последних новостей: – Процентов 85 моей обуви не налезает? (я молчу уж про одежду). – Спать удобно и хорошо тоже не вариант ? – Изжога это обычное состояние для горизонтального положения. – 70% времени такое чувство, что только что пробежалась (в плане дыхания) – Каких-то странных хотений в еде у меня нет, мне просто хочется все, что съедобно ??????? – От пары часов на каблуках мои ноги и спина отходили последующие дня полтора ?? – Перевернутся с одного бока на другой в кровати это дело сложное и занимает N-ое количество времени?? Так что да, беременность это просто волшебно ???

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In case you were trying to remember Mike and Aziza, here is their very first bio from TLC from prior to the Season 1 premiere:

Mike and Aziza met on an international language learning website. Mike wanted to learn Russian for an upcoming trip, and Aziza wanted to learn English. The site paired them up, and they began speaking to each other regularly online. Mike visited Aziza in Russia, and after spending 6 days together, the two decided to get married. As a full-time student, Aziza has never had to take care of anything but her studies. With Mike eager to start a family, Aziza will face a steep learning curve as she leaves the comforts of her familiar culture, sheltered life and studies for a new world filled with first experiences and a whole lot of pressure.

Congratulations to Mike and Aziza! It is so refreshing to be reminded that the 90 Day Fiance show had a surprisingly high success rate as far as lasting relationships prior to Season 6.

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