90 DAY FIANCÉ Inside Brandon’s Virginia family farm Hummingbird Acres

The biggest tension point between 90 Day Fiancé couple Brandon and Julia is that fact that Julia didn’t enjoy living and working for free on Brandon’s family farm in Virginia. What type of farm is Brandon’s family’s farm, Hummingbird Acres?

Hummingbird Acres, ran by Brandon’s parents Ron and Betty Gibbs since 1998, is located in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. ​​According to their website, they “raise all natural, pastured Katahdin Lambs/Sheep, Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Registered Kune Kune Pigs and Poultry.”

Hummingbird Acres has been called out for being a “puppy mill” because they also breed dogs for sale. Their kennel is called Vom Brandon Haus and specializes in “European Imported German Shepards” and “monkey-faced European Imported Brussels Griffons.” The kennel actually preceded the farm by 3 years. It opened in 1995. The puppies sell for over $1,000 each.

According to Vom Brandon Haus, “Puppies will be AKC Registered and come with a complimentary copy of parents foreign pedigrees. They will be Vet checked, have their 1st set of shots and de-wormed. Puppies will also come pre-loved and spoiled! :-)”

Some viewers have questioned how well the dogs are being treated at VBH. Julia, who isn’t a big fan of working on the farm, has come to her in-laws defense about the kennel on Instagram.

“I think you need to close this topic once and for all! everyone can ask, not make up a story!” Julia wrote in a caption on a December 2020 post. “Dogs are watched by 2 people 24 hours a day (naturally I exaggerate, people need to sleep at night) but the first rise is at 5 am to walk and feed the dogs,” Julia wrote in an Instagram post. “Dogs walk 3 times a day sometimes more. not 2 minutes but how much they want! they are combed, fed. they play with them, train them, remove their cells 2 times a day. they live better than many people some dogs live in the house because they want to! so if you were so worried about this topic, I hope I clarified the situation for you.”

On the Season 6 Tell-All Part Ron and Betty have offered Brandon and Julia to help with a downpayment if they buy a house that’s next door to the farm. Ron is currently going through a health crisis, so they want Brandon and Julia to be closer to them to help out. Julia immediately rejected this idea, and failed to acknowledge the disclosure of Ron’s health issues.

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