90 DAY FIANCE Kalani shares baby bump photo, becomes pajama rights activist

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata showed off her sizable baby bump in a brand new photo posted to Instagram on Thursday. The reality star was joined by her husband Asuelu and their one-year-old son Oliver — all three of which were decked out in pajamas in a show of solidarity for the PJ-lovin’ Oliver.

“In honor of people’s fragility to babies in pajamas, please enjoy my very first baby bump picture — I made sure we all dressed up extra snazzy!” Kalani wrote in the caption.

Kalani explains that she has been receiving a lot of negativity over the fact that Oliver likes to wear PJs a lot, and she also explains that she doesn’t have time for the pajama drama and people’s hurt booholes:

Yes, my son is always in pajamas or something comfortable and, no, I don’t need to explain why. There are lots of unsolved mysteries in this world, like, why those of you who comment about my baby’s clothes look like you either bathe bi-weekly, share TV dinners with your cats or special kiss your cousins.

While your internet projections may temporarily give you “self-esteem” and distract you from dealing with yourself, they won’t save you from dying alone in a convalescent home in PAJAMAS. That’s the sh*t you should be worried about, not what type of clothing a well-loved baby is wearing.

Kalani, who is due at the end of April, revealed on 90 Day Fiance that she had gotten pregnant again unexpectedly in a series of very emotional scenes.

In early January, the family of three posed together for a gender reveal in which Oliver announced he was going to be having a little brother by holding an over-sized light blue colored letter “B.”

Posing for family photos in pajamas isn’t all that the Kalani fam has been up to, though! Asueleu was recently asked to represent Samoa at the LA Travel and Adventure Show. As you would expect, Asuelu didn’t simply man the booth by waving, smiling, and answering questions — he seized the opportunity to show off his trademark Fa’ataupati, aka the “Samoan Slap Dance.”

Here’s a brief video of Asuelu doing a demonstration for a very captivated fan, who reacts pretty much like we all did when Asuelu did that first on-screen dance at the airport when he arrived in the United States:

? I miss Asuelu!

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