90 DAY FIANCE Eric was homeless, daughter Tasha let him move in to apartment – according to Tasha

On the current season of 90 Day Fiance, 40-year-old Eric, his 29-year-old Indonesian fiancée Leida, and her 5-year-old son Allesandro are having some difficulty adjusting to life in the United States — due in large part to the fact that Eric shares a small apartment with his 20-year-old daughter Tasha. It’s clear that Tasha and her future step-mom DID NOT get off on the right foot, and it soon became apparent to everyone that her staying in the apartment was not an option.

Leida suggests that Tasha should move out, at which point Tasha turns the tables and says perhaps it is her and Eric who should move out — a bold move that I must confess had me thinking that Tasha might be overstepping a bit. But, Tasha has since revealed that the apartment was initially hers, and after her friends moved out, she extended the invitation to move in to her dad because he was HOMELESS and LIVING IN HIS CAR!

The scoop came via Tasha’s Instagram account after she participated in a fan Q&A session. Leida had already mentioned something about Eric being homeless, and someone asked Tasha: “Was your dad really homeless?” To which Tasha simply replied: “Yes.”

After that, another Instagram user hit Tasha with a follow-up question asking how long her dad was homeless and whether or not it was by choice, which Leida had claimed was the case. Tasha responded by revealing her dad was homeless for “almost two years,” and she says that Leida was correct in that it was by choice. “He chose to, but it made me uncomfortable and I wanted him in a better situation,” she wrote.

Next, Tasha answered a question about where Eric lived while he was homeless. “In his car in…” Tasha begins, before having second thoughts. “I will not say what city, sorry.”

Tasha was asked why she chose to live with her dad instead of her mother, and that’s when she revealed the truth about the history of the apartment lease. “I moved out of my mom’s into that apartment with two friends,” she says. “They got married, had a kid, bought a house. I offered dad to move in because his living situation was not ideal.”

As far as the current situation with the apartment, Tasha says Eric and Leida are still living there as Eric continues looking for a house.

And how about Tasha’s relationship with Leida? Still horrrrrrible. Here are a couple questions and answers about Leida:

QUESTION: How do you feel about Leida?

TASHA: I’ve hated her since she started attacking my friends on Facebook before she moved here.

QUESTION: Are you and Leida on good terms?

TASHA: I no longer talk to Leida or my father.

I will wrap up this post with perhaps the biggest question surrounding Tasha after her debut — what’s up with that tail?! When asked about it, Tasha explained: “LMAO. I cosplay and LARP, and sometimes I just wear a tail.”

If you’re curious to see more of Tasha’s cosplay and LARP love, be sure to visit her Alari Styles and Couture Facebook page! “I don’t have much right now,” Tasha says of the page, “but that is all going to change in 2019. I have *huge* plans.”

Eric and Leida don’t seem to be amassing a huge fan base, but I’m guessing Tasha can muster some support for her cosplay and LARP business. I feel confident that an Indonesian Tiger look would sell well. 😉

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