90 Day Fiance Corey and Evelin rebuild her bar & family’s restaurant after eviction

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Evelin Villegas cocktail bar torn down

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas make their return to TLC tonight when 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3 premieres. I’m sure Corey and Evelin will have their usual heavy dose of relationship drama this season, but they will also be bringing what looks to be a TON of… business drama?!

As fans of The Other Way are well aware, Evelin runs a small cocktail bar on the beach near Engabao, Ecuador. Her bar was attached to the restaurant run by her family for the past 17 years. Earlier this year, Evelin and her family were evicted from the property after a decision from the Engabao Communal Council. It’s still unclear why the decision was made, but there is no indication whatsoever that it was due to unpaid rent or other debts.

Evelin shared the news on Instagram on May 6 with a very heartfelt message. She wrote her announcement in her native Spanish, and it was accompanied by a gallery of photos of the restaurant and the Cocktails From Paradise bar. (Unfortunately, Evelin’s account is set to private, so I cannot embed her full post and gallery here.)

Here is Evelin’s message after Google translate and some editing:

The bad people!

Dear friends, I come to tell you that thanks to the abandonment of the Engabao Communal Council, my small business has been shut down. After my family literally started tourism in Paradise Beach more than 17 years ago with a small cabin to accommodate the 4 tourists who arrived, we [ate the green?] weeks after week giving our best to now have the welcome that we have.

The Communal Council’s abandonment was so harsh that they didn’t even relocate or compensate us. We were only relocated thanks to the new owner of the land behind the original location, and he is constructing a new building for my grandmother.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Evelin Villegas cocktail bar destroyed

Why am I so annoyed? Well, this situation should not have happened. There are many restaurants on the beach, but they only removed us. It is painful to know that everything you work for one day can be taken from your hands. Spending more than 17 years in a place should give you some rights! It is incredible that a place with so much tourist potential continues to be run by incapable people who do not see beyond the easy money in front of their eyes.

Now I have to start from scratch, in a new space, but with much more desire to show you how tourism is really done — like Engabao, if it has a future, if it innovates and supports community tourism. To all the miserable people who participated in this decision, and those who rejoice for it, the Universe gives back to each one what they deserve.

Thank God I have the resources to start over, but what happens when this kind of injustice is done to someone who doesn’t have the money to start over? It stays nothing! Let’s stop making the poor poorer! This is even more important during a pandemic, when the economy has been hit so hard. In this life we ​​have to stand up together not crush each other.

My deep rejection of injustice, and my warning to the Engabao commune, is that I will not remain silent in the face of injustices that occur! Let it work! Let it prosper! If they don’t help, don’t get in the way!

I will be updating our customers and friends about the progress and the opening date ❤️ follow our pages 💕

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Evelin Villegas new bar

Evelin followed through on her promise to continue updating her followers with several posts and galleries over the last few months. Here’s a timeline of most of what she shared:

MAY 19
“Almost a month ago our businesses were taken down but now we are building again in a new location not so far from the original one. I’m sad to see what happened but excited for what is coming 💕 it’s a lot of hard work and I’m literally juggling everything at this point but it will all be worth it 💕 can’t wait to see the final results, we are hoping to be done and ready to open our doors again in a month 💕 swipe to see more updates and more of what happened ❤️ seriously, thanks for all the love ❤️”

“Even if it’s hard sometimes just make sure you keep telling nice things to yourself 💕

“This tiny girl is very tired and stressed with the rebuilding of @coctelesdelparaiso and my family’s restaurant but everyday I push harder than the last one. Being your own boss is awesome but also means you have no time off cause even when sleeping you keep thinking on how to keep growing 💕

“Whatever your dream is, just keep pushing you’ll get it 💪

“Something I read once was, envision who you want to be and start acting like that already ❤️

“What is something you have learned that you want to share??”


90 Day Fiance The Other Way Evelin Villegas family restaurant

“Visiting @cabanasabormanabita.
“The restaurant of my grandmother and my mother 😊 was the first restaurant in Playa Paraíso, creating the tourism we have today. With their delicious dishes they have obtained a loyal clientele over the years and I can tell you that each dish they cook continues to have the same love and enthusiasm as those of their early days. His small but cute cabin was destroyed, thank God we have been able to rebuild it even though the space is smaller now. I invite you all to visit @cabanasabormanabita when you visit engabao ❤️
“We wait for you with open arms ❤️ #engabao #ecuador”

Corey’s property details

One of the central story lines that producers have pushed for Corey and Evelin is the suggestion that she is using him for money. Corey, Evelin, and myself have addressed this issue in the past, and all of us agree that this isn’t the case — certainly not anywhere near the extent that it appears on the show. Yes, Corey and Evelin have played into that particular story line, but I honestly believe they had no idea just how far and hard producers were going to push it.

As a result, Evelin still gets accused of taking advantage of Corey for his money. Just prior to the announcement of the bar and restaurant being shut down and relocated, Corey posted receipts in regards to the beach property that he purchased. (We shared details about the property in our initial profile post on Evelin and Corey before they made their TLC debut.)

Corey’s Instagram profile is also set to private, so here are a few of the photos he posted on April 10, followed by his caption for the gallery:

Corey Rathgeber property

90 Day Fiance The Other Way  Corey Rathgeber property in Ecuador

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Corey Rathgeber Ecuador property deed

The Other Way Corey Rathgeber property deed for land he owns in Ecuador

Here’s my property for those wondering. Evelin has always loved me and she has never wanted to take advantage of me. It’s sad she has that image of a “gold digger” but I want all of you to know that’s not true. She has always been very supportive, helpful, loving and caring towards me. She actually helped me get the property and at a great price. She is not the kind of person to take advantage of anyone. She is full of strength and integrity. She is an entrepreneur and a hard worker. She has inspired me to dream big and work hard to succeed. I look to her as a role model, my supporter, and I aspire to be more like her. I love her with all my heart and I’m grateful for all that she has done for me. Gracias Amor 💕 @evelin_villegas_ecuador

Corey and Evelin return on the new season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC. you can also stream new episodes on discovery+.

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