16 & Pregnant grandmother Kathleen Green to sue MTV for defamation over Christinna Robinson episode

Kathleen Green from 16 and Pregnant is threatening to sue MTv over Christinna's episode

Kathleen Green, the grandmother of 16 and Pregnant‘s Christinna Robinson, is threatening to sue MTV for defamation of her character based on their editing of this past week’s episode.

Kathleen Green’s grandson Isiah married Christinna soon after they found out she was pregnant without letting his family know that’s what they were doing. Also, Isiah gave up a football scholarship to stay at home and take care of Christinna and their daughter Destiny – both of these factors contributed to Kathleen and the rest of Isiah’s family being a bit hard on Christinna.

Actually, “a bit hard” is being a bit kind. When Kathleen is introduced on the show she is at a dining room table with Isiah and Christinna, who she is not talking to. So, in a similar manner to an 11-year-old, Kathleen talks to Christinna through Isiah saying such ridiculous things as, “Last week I told you to tell Christinna that, basically, I’m not really sorry for how I feel, I’m sorry for treating her the way I did when I found out, you know what I mean? Did you tell her?” (That scene begins right around the 3:54 mark in the full episode embedded below)

Christinna Robinson from 16 and Pregnant

Towards the end of the episode Kathleen rides Christinna pretty hard when she insists that she should take a paternity test to prove that Isiah is the father. Christinna says she is confident that Isiah is the father and the two get into a Bill Clintonesque discussion about what “being with one man” means which concludes with Christinna’s clarifying statement, “No other man’s penis has entered my vagina.”

But that still isn’t enough for Kathleen, who goes and gets a paternity test that she purchased earlier and slaps it on the table saying, I can’t read, but y’all gotta read it.” (The table drama kicks in right around the 35:24 mark)

This last scene is a particular point of contention for Kathleen who says, “They didn’t show that [Christinna] had told us she had had sex with some other guy.” Kathleen tells TMZ that MTV “defamed” her and her family because “nothing that aired is what happened” in real life.

I’m not sure how much editing played in it, but if Kathleen isn’t really a crazy, bitter and irrational woman then she has a case!

Here’s the complete episode of 16 and Pregnant – Christinna: