12-year-old hostage Facebooks “may die 2day” before mother kills her

Ramie Marie Grimmer changed her employer to "mat die 2day"

12-year-old Ramie Marie Grimmer made the above chilling change under the “Works at” part of her Facebook status just hours before her mother fatally shot her.

Ramie and her 10-year-old brother Timothy were being held hostage on Monday night, along with a human services worker, by their own mother, Rachelle Grimmer, after she became angered that she had been denied food stamps at a Laredo, TX state welfare agency.

Rachelle Grimmer arrived at the agency around 5 PM with her two children and requested to speak to a new caseworker. Along with her children, she was taken to a private room to discuss her case and it was at this time when she revealed that she had a gun and a nearly 7-hour stand-off began.

The mother eventually let the state worker go around 7:45 PM and it was only approximately 5 minutes later when young Ramie made the “may die 2day” change on her Facebook page.

Nearly 3 hours after this while negotiators were attempting to work things out with her mom Ramie posted the following:

Then just a short time after this she posted:

Then Ramie made what would be her final post:

Ramie Marie grimmer's last Facebook post

This was an apparent response to the SWAT team that had surrounded the building. Ramie received one reply from a woman who has identified herself as the children’s grandmother, “I’m here for you guys. no reason to be afraid.”

Negotiators hung up the phone with the mother at around 11:45 PM. Police then heard three shots and entered the building. Once inside they discovered the mother’s deceased body along with Ramie and Timothy who each had been shot in the head.

Ramie died Wednesday in a San Antonio hospital and as of this post her younger brother Timothy remained in critical condition.

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