Amber Portwood discusses IHOP fight, new man, diagnosed disorders

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is reportedly still struggling with depression and is still suicidal

It was revealed yesterday that Teen Mom Amber Portwood had got herself into a scuffle at an Anderson, Indiana IHOP. According to an eyewitness who spoke with Star she was drunk and instigated the fight after overhearing another customer speaking poorly of her.

Amber has spoken with E to tell her side of the story about that incident. In addition, she has opened up about her diagnosed disorders as well as a new man in her life.

Here is how Amber explained the International House of Pummeling situation:

“I was with Mike (her new man), and yes, we did go have a couple of drinks. But I was not drunk. We were sitting by ourselves, laughing and talking and my legs were up on his, just having a good time. Suddenly, I hear this couple make these racist comments. I looked over and said, ‘Excuse me, but why are you starting drama? Please do everyone a favor and keep your comments to yourself.'”

Amber claims that the trash talking didn’t stop so she decided to stop it. “So that’s when I got up and told her to shut her f–king mouth.” That sounds like Amber all right! The star of Teen Mom then discussed how she’s a target for people around her home town and how difficult it is every time she leaves her house:

“I’m sick and tired of people bashing me every time I leave my house. When I go out, I mind my own business, but people try to fight me and get me going because I guess they think I’m most famous for fighting Gary. I get picked on every time I go out in public. I just want to be a normal 21-year-old. I do my duties, I take care of my child. Yes, I did hit Gary, and what people saw was an angry Amber who reacted to the father of her child telling her he had cheated on her.”

“People pick on me just to see if I’ll fight them. They think I’m this hard person, but I’m not! I’m a good person. I love my friends. I love people…I just want people to know that people change. I’m doing really well. I’m  happy. Yes, I am on an MTV show, but I deserve a normal life, too. People need to realize that the show, Teen Mom, is on TV just to help others not make the same mistakes. That’s it.”

I have to admit that I can’t imagine the pressures that revolve around all the Teen Moms who have, in a relatively short period of time, found themselves at the center of a pop culture phenomenon. Bad decisions or not, I can’t say for certain that I would be able to manage it.

Amber portwood crying

In addition to the IHOP situation Amber discussed the fact that she suffers from bipolar and dissociative disorders. She was diagnosed as bipolar over 3 years ago and was diagnosed recently as dissociative during her stay in rehab following an apparent suicide attempt.

Of the bipolar disorder Amber said, “I struggle with it. I hate it. I grieve over it.” She added that the dissociative disorder causes her to black out and she feels as if people can’t relate.

As for her new man Mike, they’ve been dating for a month and according to Amber they’re inseparable. She added that she knew she would never be with baby-daddy Gary Shirley in the end even though they are currently getting along just fine. And even though it’s just been a month she said, “But with Mike, I know he’s the one. We never fight. He balances me out.”

As for Leah, Amber was cautious to introduce Mike to her because he’d never dated a single mom before. She had to show him the ropes but added that Leah and her new man get along well and he’s great to her.

If you want to find out more about bipolar disorders you can go here. If you’re wanting to do the same in regards to dissociative disorders you can click here.

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