16 & Pregnant Jamie McKay’s baby-daddy explains arrests

Jamie McKay and Ryan McElrath of 16 & Pregnant Season 3

I’ve been throwing around the idea of a reality TV show that would feature all the baby-daddys and boyfriends from Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and 16 & Pregnant.  I think the best would be an existing format, Big Brother, and with but one recent show under his belt young Ryan McElrath would be a lock to make the final casting.

He came off looking like a real wiener in Jamie McKay’s episode and the stories that have erupted recently around the couple hasn’t done much to change all that.  Jamie is seeking sole custody of their baby daughter Miah and she cited Ryan’s arrest history including cocaine use in her reasons for doing so.  Actually Jamie has a history with the law too {sigh} that involved a fight with a young female classmate.

TMZ reached out to McElrath and offered him an opportunity to defend himself and all the negative press that was out there circulating about him.  He jumped at the chance by explaining his prior arrests.  Here’s how it shakes down according to R-Mac:

Back on Nov. 10th of 2010 he was arrested for assaulting a female and resisting arrest.  His side of that situation is that the woman he assaulted asked for the charges to be dropped and that even the DA thought the charge was, “ridiculous.”

-> The DA’s opinion does help him out but a woman that wants to drop charges after being hit by a man happens way too often.  This would no way indicate that it didn’t happen.

Next up on dude’s wrap sheet is an arrest in August of 2010 for DUI and speeding.  Ryan said of this law breakin’ that he was guilty as charged but it was the only time he’s drove drunk.

-> Well he owned up to this one but was still attempting to make it seem not so bad because he claims it was his only time.

Finally we have a June 2010 arrest (2010 was a busy year for Ryan) for felony possession of cocaine and felony possession of marijuana (less than half an ounce).  R-Mac had a lot to say about this one.  First off he claims that it’s, “totally false.”  What happened was that cops found a scale that had residue on it and the scale wasn’t even Ryan’s, he was just returning it to a friend.  He adds that he doesn’t use coke and that the charges were thrown out.

-> Benefit of the doubt let’s say our boy doesn’t use and I’ll give him some cred in the fact that the case was thrown out but what’s he doing with the scales?  And I’m all about helping a bud but if I don’t use I’m not returning a scale used to weigh out coke and risk arrest.

Lets analyze this under the strict “Father of a Teen Daughter Test.”  R-Mac comes to pick up my baby-girl for a date and I’ve got his arrest history waiting because I’m a stalker like that.  The defense he just mounted would equal a succinct and quick get your backside out of my house and away from my daughter.  Am I right?

But I would love to watch Ryan, Gary Shirley and Kieffer Delp form an alliance to try and win my dream baby-daddy boyfriend Teen Mom all star Big Brother show.

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    • Jessica

      At the end of the day guess who pick him to father their child Jaime. She knew all about his problems while she was dating but yet she choose to have unprotected sex with him sometime I wonder do these girls have any brain. Beside just getting knock up do they ever think about Std’s while having unprotected sex with these guys. These girls are lucky that getting pregnant was the result of having unprotected sex it could have easily been HIV for these girls.

      • Brittany

        I have to agree with you on that. I follow a lot of them on twitter, and I watch all the episodes. These girls complain so much about their children’s father, having no privacy since being on TV, and about negative comments people say towards them. They just can’t seem to grasp that they have made these choices on their own, and every decision has consequences. I don’t understand why they would be sexually active so young then not care enough to use protection. Also, hearing them complain about their privacy is just ridiculous because they obviously wanted to be on TV. I guess they are still too young to realize that no one is at fault for their mistakes but themselves.

    • bryanna

      How do u no that she new all that ppl do lie 2 try 2 make ur self look better she might not of even know His past

    • Sara

      Guess what lots of ppl are sexually active at a young age, not just the people on tv. & youknow what lots of ppl have children with people who mess up, It’s called believeing peoplecan change. & as for them bringing it on themselves. what did they bring on themselves? rumours,gossip, lies, and no privacy….. hummmm sounds like real life to me.

    • Vanessa

      I doubt that Jamie didn’t know about Ryan drugs and alcohol problems even if he lied about his party ways . Which is doubtful at the end the day she find out and she choose to still have unprotected sex with him that is the problems with people they never want to own to their own actions. I love how these girls bitch about their kids fathers but yet they are the one that pick them if you don’t want a loser or dead beat dad then pick good guys so you Can save yourself or her innocent child the heartache is it really that hard to find a good guy

    • ME