PHOTOS Leah Messer Corey Simms divorce rumors confirmed, MTV films emotional scene

Leah Messer and Corey Simms are divorcing - Leah reads the papers to a friend

UPDATE: These “divorce documents” are actually printed out Facebook messages that may or may not be correspondence between Corey and another girl. Click here to find out more.

Ever since OK! and In Touch both published stories that Teen Mom 2 couple Leah Messer and Corey Simms were separated and getting a divorce the Teen Mom universe has been up in arms waiting for confirmation one way or the other. All has been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter and Facebook leading many to speculate the rumors may be true.

Sadly, we can now confirm that they are. These photos of a very emotional Leah Messer were taken earlier today as she reportedly read documents related (click here to see what they are, and what they say) to her divorce aloud to a friend while MTV cameras rolled, filming for Teen Mom 2 Season 2.

Leah Messer cries while reading her divorce papers during scene from Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Teen Mom Leah Messer and Corey Simms are divorcing, Leah pictured with divorce papers

If that’s not proof enough for you, then check out this screen capture from which lists Leah and Corey’s name under “The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between April 8 and 15.” (Their names are highlighted in yellow at the very bottom of the list.)

Online proof that Teen Mom Leah Messer and Corey Simms have filed for divorce

I don’t know about you but I’m horribly depressed. There’s still no word on how the custody of the couples twins Aliannah and Aleeah will work out or what the real reason for the split was. Both OK! and In Touch claim it was because of money – one claiming Leah insisted on buying a larger house and the other saying Corey spent $19,000 on a pick-up truck without asking Leah – but we still don’t have any idea what the actual reasons for the split were. (CLICK HERE for each of the tabloids’ reports.)

Teen Mom Leah Messer carries her divorce papers from Corey Simms

UPDATE – There have been a number of commenters suggesting that the papers in Leah’s hand are not divorce documents, so I just wanted to clarify by stating the photographer who took the pictures provided this caption to Splash News:

Leah Messer cries while reading over her divorce papers. Leah read over her divorce papers with a friend in Elkview, WV. Leah could not control her emotions as she read aloud her divorce papers. Leah was later spotted making her way to her car again she broke down and cried more. And of course MTV cameras where there filming the entire thing for an upcoming episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’.

It could very well be that the papers are not divorce documents and just something having to do with the separation. Some have speculated that they may be emails between her and Corey or something along those lines. If there’s anyone out there with any expertise, here are some zoomed in images of the papers themselves:

UPDATE – Mystery solved! The “divorce documents” aren’t legal documents after all! CLICK HERE to find out the solution to the mystery!

UPDATE: Leah admitted to cheating on Corey one week before the wedding.

Leah Messer holds her divorce papers

Divorce papers for Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer and Corey Simms Leah Messer holds her divorce documents. She is divorcing husband Corey Simms

Photos: Splash News

CLICK HERE to rewatch Leah’s original 16 & Pregnant episode

  • Mel

    I’m almost in TEARS over this! Admittedly I’m pretty damn drunk at this point but still … ! I just don’t want to believe it! 🙁

    • Lynayn

      Looks like a script to me.

  • Jennie

    I am sorry but they have only been married for 6 months and they are already getting a divorce? Whatever happened till death due us part? I was 19 when I married my husband and we had a child also when we got married. I am 25 now, YES there are hard times but you have to work them out! I feel like this is crap and it is for a story line. I WAS a big Leah fan NOT anymore. after 6 months getting a divorce over money? WAY childish!

    • Dana

      That’s for sure! I was 19 and pregnant with my baby when I married my husband. We’ve stuck together thru unemployment and making money that came out our ears but money is no object in a marriage. She’s overreacting and being a child about it.

  • adalyn

    you cant even tell if it’s divorce papers; anything for some rumors to start . . . .

    • Carol

      i agree. u cant tell exactly what they are. i will tell u one thing, i got a divorce a few years ago & divorce papers do not look like that. every person i know w/ divorce papers have the same papers that i do & those are not divorce papers.

      • A.S.

        I 100% agree, my divorce papers as well as a few other people I know did NOT look like that and were NOT that thick. I am thinking maybe it is something to do with the baby??

        • A.S.

          The last upclosee cropped pic of “the papers” that are titled UNTITLED you can clearly see it is a copy of a conversation through e-mails. They are dated 11:23pm Apr 1

          • Lynnie

            They are not divorce papers. On the first page it says, “To reply to this message, click the following link.” Sounds like a facebook email to me, and with all the trash people say online, it surely could be cause to cry. If so, then someone is just aiding the rumor mill by saying they are divorce papers. Why dont we all just wait for them to announce it, then they can give us, clearly, the terms, and what happens. If they are not getting a divorce, they everyone could force it by assuming.

    • Rose

      I know, if you were to take a picture of the papers it wouldnt be so pixeled, and as well I seen divorce papers before, and they are nothing like it… I think there is a point where it says IF U.. at d beggining, not even the spelling is right :S/.

  • zoey

    I’m so freakin’ depressed right now. I really had faith in them.

    • Lila

      Ya know see this is why leah wants nothing to do with ppl she dont know bc of these reasons right here… I personally know for a fact she didnt get a divorce.THey are soo strong and nothing can change that… Wow ppl just need to stop.

  • Krystal

    @Jennie – You don’t know WHY they are getting a divorce though. It could be about the whole filming thing…it could be that one of them cheated. We don’t know and you shouldn’t make assumptions and judgements on rumors about “money”.

    In the end I wish this wasn’t happening but I’m sure there’s a legitimate reason as to why this is happening but we don’t know what and we shouldn’t judge them for getting a divorce because it is their decision and just wish them the best in their lives whether it be together or apart.

    • Jennie

      Even if it isn’t about money. They have only been Married for 6 months. something BAD needs to have happened for them to get a divorce. When 2 people get married it is suppose to be FOREVER, not until they are p!ssy with each other and don’t want to deal with it. They have 2 babies together. I am sure we will find out the truth soon, but don’t you think a marriage is worth fighting for? I just can’t see how something THAT bad could happen in 6 months!
      regardless they shouldn’t have gotten married because it is obvious they where not ready.

  • Megan

    Bull Crap..everyone knows Ok! and InTouch are FAKE why is everyone over-reacting?

  • zoey

    @Megan, unfortunately it’s true. It is in the WV Public Records now. You can go to and under news>Public Records look under the Divorces. 🙁

    • Samantha

      Link? I just went through it. Nothing.

      • admin

        There is a link above in the article now.

        • Carol

          admin- u are right. i went to wear u said & it was in there. 🙁

      • admin

        Divorces are mid-page, and Leah and Corey’s names are at the end of the list of divorces.

        • Samantha

          Got it. I’m tired. Lol. Sad anyway. But I still don’t believe what is zoomed in this article is divorce papers. It looks more like a script or a copy of some instant messages.

  • Samantha

    Those aren’t divorce papers. If you look, the top of the “zoomed in” paper says “untitled” like it’s a print off from wordpad or something. I bet it’s a script for the show, which is 99% fake by the way. I know chelsea and adam.

    • nunya

      I already posted a comment thinking maybe it was doctor’s documents but I know what doc papers look like and my husband knows what divorce papers look like(he says you have to fill in lines)… and there are some highlighted lines in green!

      So yes, I think it’s a script…which would explain her reading it aloud to her friend and crying.

      Yes, this makes me feel better.

    • Liar!


      • samantha

        Haha, okay. I guess. Lol.

  • Like Zoey Said
  • Angie

    I Know the divorce is legit but those are not WV divorce documents at all. Its not even close to a legal format and to be honest it looks like a script. Notice the highlighted portions and the end of the firts sentance on the first page says “whats happening with you….”
    I didnt realize the show used scrpts but Im sure the first sentance is her friend’s lines of” whats happening with you and corey.”

  • Samantha

    I hope they aren’t “filing” just to add spice to the show. It irritates the eff out of me when people think marriage is a game and is disposable.

  • danyielle

    Very sad!

  • Jane

    The bottom picture look like it says “Your Facebook….”. I might be seeing things but that looks like a script to me too.

  • Jane

    ^the bottom of the page

  • Leah Ann

    to me it looks like the papers are saying something about “… sent you a message” as if it’s like printed like from facebook about somebody getting a message or something theyre messages from someone to her or to corey or something thats got her upset idk..i dont think its a script

  • Monica

    Those papers do not look like divorce papers, just sayin.

  • Bee

    So that big ass tv wedding to get divorced in less than a year?? I swear ppl these days put more in the wedding than the marriage itself. I always thought their marriage was forced anyways.

    It’s true… …there names are on the list

  • Bee

    It could be something about the health of her baby too…(shrug)

    • nunya

      Yeah, if it’s not divorce papers maybe it’s about the baby’s health. That would make anyone break down and cry. I don’t know… it doesn’t make sense if it’s divorce papers she’s reading a loud infront of the crew… because they just got done taping the reunion….so wouldn’t it be too soon to start filming for next season??? idk… Im really f**kin’ sad about this because they really do have a lot of love for each other.

      • J

        If it WAS about the baby’s health.. why did she shut down her fan page? and why not just say Hey we are not getting a divorce.. it is what she did last time! It MAY be that MTV wont LET her say certain things, but it still is fishy that the fan page was shut down!

  • Jessica

    There is stuff highlighted so is this really divorce papers or a script to act something out?!?!?

  • Tonya

    it is a printout of messages. there are 3 on the page at the top of each message it says ….has sent you a message and at the bottom it says to reply to this message, follow the link below….

  • Jo

    it looks like it says a time and a date in ever paragraph… 11:23pm on April 15th

  • Jamie

    don’t you think they would have put her middle name too since it would be a legal document?

  • Ashleylovez

    I’m a legal assistant and I’ve seen PLENTY of divorce papers….those papers in Leah’s hand definitely is not one. It seems like the word “marriage” or “message” is typed repeatedly on the page as if the same sentence is being typed over and over. it does look similar to a script or emails. But it is 100% NOT any type of legal document in any form. A legal document must have the Plantiff v. Defendant and then the lines going down the center (can be *’s or just .’s) with the county on the other page and then a centered title stating the motion or pleading that is being filed such as “Dissolution of Marriage” which this page clearly does NOT have. Also legal documents have to be double spaced, again this obviously isn’t. I think the whole story in OK was a crock of shit and they just got lucky by even being right about the divorce since they’ve been saying it for weeks. Their sources obviously weren’t correct, unless that website link is incorrect, because their source was from the CLAY County Court House (which is where I thought they lived) and the link says Kanawah County.

    • Kayla

      The place where they got married is in Kanawha County. But you are right these are definitly not divorce documents. I’m thinking either text messages or Facebook messages between Corey and someone else since if it was between Leah and someone else I don’t think she would be the one reading them and I don’t think she would have been the one that filed for divorce. I don’t think it’s a script because why would they film her holding a script?

  • Wvcountrygirl

    They were married at Coonskin Park which is in Kanawha County! And if I’m not right u can let me know doesn’t a person file for divorce in the county that they were married in?

  • Sarah

    Looks like a script to me and the highlighted parts are her lines

  • Kirsten

    If you look both of the highlighted spots at the bottom in the last picture is looks like “sent you a message” I know for sure they aren’t divorce papers. MAybe instant messages she’s upset about?

  • ashley

    Why would MTV crews be filming her as she read a script? They obviously filed – which sucks. But – it’s life. My husband and I were seperated for over a year, in which time – I had a baby with someone else… but we have managed to try to get through all that and are trying to work things out – I wonder what’s so bad for them.

  • Jenniedh

    Sorry to break it to you folks, but those pictures of so-called “divorce” papers are actually instant message chat logs. It’s really blurry, but if you look close enough, you can see that some of the text is colored in a hue of green and pink, in contrast to the typical black that I’m sure any legal document would be presented in.

    There’s also a significant break/space between certain words, which highlights the distinction between a username and what was being said by the user at the time.

    It makes the above pictured scene worse because obviously one or the other couldn’t be trusted and was caught with those saved IM/e-mail logs. Really sad when you consider that they’re still technically newlyweds, but then again, they rushed into it much like they rushed into having their kids. At this point, I’m finding this to be a lack of maturity on their part because they’re so quick to filing papers when the marriage hasn’t even lasted long enough to endure. Hardships come with the good in marriage, and if they can’t stick it out because of money or even hearsay infidelity, they probably really didn’t have any business being married in the first place.

  • zoey

    I wouldn’t be surprised if MTV paid them extra to file for divorce. They want drama because that equals ratings! Happy families do not equal drama! It’s a shame that they’d let them, though.

  • ugh

    The papers are emails/conversations between people.. not divorce papers.

  • Kayla

    That looks like a script. I been in a few plays and that is what they look like. To the T

  • jalissababe

    If ya’ll don’t shut the f**k up about this. It’s true get the hell over it. If you don’t like ohh well.

  • Jennifer

    Those are text messages,I opened the pictures in photoshop and can clearly see it says “Jennifer (or another name that starts with J,cant see that part clear) sent you a message” and “to reply to these messages..”

    • zoey

      Jennifer, you could be right. It could be messages from some girl to Corey or from Corey to some girl. *IF* that is the case, then I do lose a lot of respect for Corey. It’s not okay to start talking to other girls when you get married. Especially since they JUST got married and he is the one who pushed the marriage in the first place. Sad.

  • Krystal

    I heard Corey cheated on Leah.. Maybe those are e-mails from Croey and the mistress?

  • It’s all true and heart breaking she just took down her fan age because someone posted this

  • ashleylovez

    WVcountrygirl, I believe you’re right. I’m not sure exactly how in works in WV because I’m in Maryland but in most states you can file where you got married or where you lived for instance Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Texas but she had the option of filing from LA. The part that is a little confusing to me is how Leah was “seen” getting papers from Clay County where the article made it seem as if she was just “debating” getting a divorce and now suddenly she has filed in a different county. Does anybody know how reliable that website is? Do they post public notices for marriages, divorces, estate sales, etc. regularly?

    Either way that is 100% not a legal document. No matter what state you’re in legal documents all generally look the same. They have to have the double spaced lines, county on the right hand side, plantiff/defendant or petitioner on the left, and a centered title. From the picture it’s very clear this is no legal document. Now, I don’t really think it is a script because as someone pointed out they aren’t going to film her holding it (if there is a script or talking points for the show) but the paper does seem to resemble some type of printed out message, maybe an IM or email.

  • Samantha

    It looks like a script

  • melissa

    The papers could have been a conversation between Corey and another girl where he was cheating on Leah causing them to have a divorce..or Corey telling someone else something causing them to have a divorce…

  • Brie

    wow..i was a big leah fan before this but now i just think shes pathedic. this is exactly why i am against getting married. people are STUPID and NOTHING last forever. and if i was her and this was happening to me, i would of asked to be taken off the show..this isnt something they should be publizing.

  • Ashleigh

    I don’t believe those are divorce papers, but how do we explain their names being listed on that website?

    • zoey

      Well, it’s obvious that they HAVE filed. Public records don’t lie. Those papers, on the other hand, aren’t divorce papers. They are IM/emails or something. Judging by the pics and Leah’s forlorn state, it is probably IMs between Corey and some girl. Maybe he cheated. She probably is using them as evidence for the divorce proceedings to maybe get some more money out of Corey/custody of the girls? Who knows…

  • amy

    they use scripts because they do voice overs duh. seen pics of maci doing voice overs with a script in her hand. how else do they know what each person says when they talk real low and type it onto the screen!?!? i dont believe shit that this site puts up til someone actually confirms it!! not MTV or anyone else but the person its about like Leah.

    • jane

      They’re filming her and a friend under a tree. Definitely not doing voice over work in that setting. The newspaper posting cannot be denied.

  • Caitlyn

    I think that those aren’t divorce papers, but maybe they are email exchanges between Leah and Corey discussing a divorce/separation.

    It’s also really interesting that the WVGazette says that she filed for divorce from Corey, yet in these pictures, she still has her wedding and engagement rings on. Maybe it’s something that they’re discussing but won’t pursue (I hope!).

    • zoey

      Only time will tell, but I hope so too! They realllly need to work on trust, it’s been their main problem from the start. Maybe they will get back together when they mature.

  • Nana

    They are not divorce papers. If you study the papers, you’d see parts of it say “To reply to this message, follow the link below: www.” I can’t make out the rest. I want to say Facebook, but that’s just me. And above that, it reads “…sent you a message”. Obviously not divorce papers, and MTV would never film somebody reading a script if it was supposed to be reality.

    • mandi

      I agree, it looks at the top of the page to say “untitled” like its a page that has been printed off, an NOT divorce papers!

  • catherine

    they would not publish their names in the public records if she had not filed. they could get sued for slander.

  • Jenn

    ATTENTION WHORE! Why would she want to flim something like that for all the world to see, she makes me sick.

  • lena

    The papers look like messages printed out. Maybe she caught Corey cheating through messages or something scandalous like that

    • Chris

      Sorry Lena, but she tends to be the “cheater” in the relationship, the past is proof of that.

      • kate

        just because she “cheated” before, doesn’t mean he can’t cheat now.

        • Rachel

          Leah is the one that cheated on the night of her bachlorette party.

  • Harley

    I hope not they were my favorites on teen mom and they were a great couple and Ali needs them alot now and they need eachother

  • Katie

    I won’t believe anything until either Leah or Corey confirm it.

  • Chris

    I think if she would start acting like a wife, and get out of her “party’n” stage, they may be ok. I really hate it, they are/were my favorites from this show… and the ones that will suffer the most are those beautiful children.

    • Jessica

      It seems you think you “know” a lot so you might be a friend or just have very stupid insite when it comes to a relationship. He is the one that needs to grow up and act like a man. I never see him (on tv) even really try to help, he seems to get mad when she does ask for it. Maybe he shouldnt take money for their CHILDS bills and spend it on himself. That is by far the most selfish thing anyone could do, mainly a father that “cares” and it shows he doesnt give 2 sh**s about his family. He needs to put his big boy boxers on and act like an adult because Leah has shown she is a wonderful mother and loves her babies.

      • ashley

        maybe you both dont know what youre talking about…. they are both great parents to them girls

      • Rachel

        You need to open your blind eyes little lady, Corey is the best father to his little girls and they absolutely adore him. Leah is the one that cheated on him the night of her bachlorette party. I guess the ring on her finger didn’t mean a thing and also that the wedding was taking place the next weekend. She was with Robbie that night and she has been with several men in the past few weeks. She likes them for a little bit and throws them to the side, just like everything else. So little lady, get your crap straight before bashing the wrong person. You don’t know nothing about it, so keep it shut.

        • Tia

          Wow, I didn’t know that you were a close personal friend of Leah and Corey. Either that or you believe everything on the show is exactly how it happens and that they don’t edit anything out. Personally I think they both have their stregnths and faults and nobody should judge anyone or down grade anyone we all make our own mistakes. So if you’ve never made a mistake ever in your life then you can judge Leah, but since I highly doubt you’re miss perfect, you should shutup and not pass judgement.

  • Dianna

    SO disappointed in Corey and Leah. Cannot believe that they could not work it out for the sake of their babies. Marriages are rough, but you have to work through the bad times instead of running away from them.

    • zoey

      I agree Dianna. And if Corey did cheat on Leah, my guess is that it was out of jealousy or revenge or something (perhaps the stories of her cheating on Corey with Robbie before the wedding are true?). However, no matter what happened, they need to learn how to get past stuff like that because it will eventually make them stronger. And they seem to not even be thinking about their poor girls during this mess. Sad.

      • heather

        I think these are not divorce papers because if you look closely it says to reply to new message click the link below or something close to that and you can see a link

  • Carrie

    Boycott this show. These two HILLBILLY HUSTLERS just ca$hed in to the max on THEIR WEDDING PHOTOS. Now, predictably, the tabloid stories they SOLD that Leah had been cheating are TRUE, and they are getting divorced, and $elling that info too. WHY did anyone have ANY hopes for these teen mom IDIOTS, statistics don’t lie. THEY end up on WELFARE, and their kids either end up in prison, or being teen mom’s themselves.

  • Vicki

    If you look very closely you can see that it says someone sent you a message. So obviously, these aren’t divorce papers. I just hope that they can work out what ever’s going on for the sake of their beautiful children.

  • Joce

    its definitely not any legal papers, it looks like a printed instant message or Facebook conversation, or something along those lines, there is a chance these rumors are true, but honestly there is sooo much this young mom could be emotional over, theres no need to jump to conclusions, leah or corey will speak up eventually, but either way something is up for sure.

    found these on twitter both posted April 16th,

    “ChelseaHouska Chelsea Houska
    @LeahDSimmsMTV loved our long phone call last night 🙂 lol love youuu!! Need to decide when to come u visit asap”

    “LeahDSimmsMTV Leah Simms (Messer)
    @ChelseaHouska I know !!! I have Morreee to tell you.<3"

  • troymclure

    LOL @hillbilly hustlers, carrie! They just got the perfect romance/Maci myth edit. I didn’t believe their sh1t for a minute, just like I didn’t believe it when Maci was sanctified by mtv. That all you people have invested your lives in two rednecks with twins and you’re desperately trying to defend them and deny court documents is HILARIOUS. Cue banjo music now! Deliverance, MTV style.

    • Joce

      and yet you also invest the time to read the story and comment.

  • Ashley Smith

    it appears that the papers are copy and pasted chat messages cuz on the top it looks like it says “untitled” and that will print out as the document name when you paste stuff on their.. thats how i print out chat messages all the time when it doesn’t offer print messages.. and it looks like each paragraph starts off with the same saying.. someone was prolly cheating.

  • Carlianna

    Leah and Corey will talk about this when they want to. As a fan of Leah and TM2, I would like to know what’s going on, but when we’re told about this is up to them!

    Some fans need to understand that we are NOT gonna be the first people Leah tells…her family and Corey’s family are first and foremost. Some of you need to back off and let them get what little privacy they have right now

  • Katie

    is anyone considering this could be information on medical results for Ali???

  • Katie

    there was also just a death in the family (leahs aunt) which could expalin the reason there has been no online activity! plus they could be dealing with stuff with finding out whats going on with ali!

  • Bianca

    there not divorce papers there messages here is a better look of them

  • Jaimee

    I love how everyone thinks all people from WV are hillbillies or rednecks, like WV is the only place with rednecks. So stereotypical. When they are doing good, I bet you all are blowing up her fanpage like lost schoolgirls, but now that they are having bad times, you guys are quick to point fingers and call names. Grow up. So what if they are getting divorced, hundreds do it everyday, and they don’t just so happen to get it broadcasted everywhere, they may have put their lives on tv, but maybe its to do better for their children, and if they sicken you so much, don’t read the stories about them or watch their shows stop “feeding into the bullshit” as someone said and go live your own life and stop feeding off the emotional distress in the life of a TEENAGER!!

  • aden

    those are facebook messages in her hand not divorce papers

  • Trisha

    I think your right Ashley Smith….It appears to be chat or emails….You can see names on left side and also the dates and times on the bottom of each paragraph!!!

  • me bit ch es

    Jaja bring back the original love birds catelyn and Tyler much cuter couple….. Maci is prettier than Chelsea amber is less annoying than jenell farah is more intresting than kail bring bk the original teen mom cast

  • savannah

    They are not divorce papers. My husband has photography program on here, I took the picture, blew it up and zoomed in. It says a few times under each segment on the page: To reply to this message follow the link below. Then it states a link. So I highly doubt they are divorce papers.

  • ar

    why would divorce papers be in color it looks like a script to me

  • !!!!!

    She is starting too look old and worn. Slow down on the makeup and plucking the brows…

    • Jen Jen

      She looks old and worn?? She is crying in these pictures, wouldn’t you be highly upset if your husband was cheating on you over FACEBOOK. and thats exactly why my husband and I don’t have fadcebook or myspace too many nose ppl out there. There is more to life then sitting on the computer looking at peoples profiles. I do enjoy checking the gossip sites and I do like to watch a show on tv once or twice a day but thats about it. What happened to kids playing on the play ground climbing trees out back cuttin up there knees running around? NOW they are ALL ON THE COMPUTER calling eachother names.. and making fun of everyone. who is to judge yo? Leah looks just fine to me and its haters like ‘!!!!!!!” who write mean comments that contribute to what I just stated. Leah is beautiful i have a lot of compassion for the girl she has two baby girls that she is most responsible for she grew up really fast and has a good head on her shoulders. her brows look FINE. ppl are *fuc+king rude.

  • Dakota

    What Leah is reading are not divorced papers, they are chats from Corey and a girl named Jordan.

  • coreys mistress
  • those are not divorce papers they are in color ink.

  • Tenna

    i just have to say, that leah use to be a good girl, before she hit high school and then that is when she became the person you see today. She aggravates me to a whole new level bc, Corey is a good dad, and he wanted to be a family, but she went and messed it all up bc she wants to stay young. Im sorry honey, but you gave up being a kid when you spread your legs on the first date. Get over it, grow up, and be a woman. She needs to pull her she shit together bc if not, her kids are going to grow up seeing all the negative stuff papers have been writing, if i were in her situation, i would be sooo ashamed of myself.

  • M

    I was really rooting for these two, Corey and Leah =(

  • Chris

    Thts stupid tht Cory cheated on leah

  • blanca

    People you have to keep in mind that leah got pregnant a month after they met……then leah cheats on Corey. He forgave her and got married…..they got married way tooooooo early…