Sister Wives’ Kody Brown is related to his second wife Janelle?

We already knew that relations were pretty complicated within The Brown Family on TLC’s Sister Wives, but tonight’s bombshell proves that their family tree is more intertwined than we thought.

Last October we learned that Kody’s second wife, Janelle, was once married to his first wife Meri’s brother; making Janelle Kody’s former sister-in-law. But the plot thickens . . .

After Janelle divorced Meri’s brother, and married Kody, Janelle’s mother Sheryl became interested in the faith – – – and married Kody’s dad Winn Brown!

So that makes Janelle Kody’s former sister-in-law, and current stepsister and wife. Their kids together are also their nieces and nephews!

Janelle’s mom Sheryl was one of the only people in Janelle’s family who supported Janelle’s decision to joint a polygamous lifestyle (and marry her sister-in-law’s husband,) and she became so attached to Kody’s family that she decided to convert and join it! In fact, Sheryl married Kody’s dad three months before Janelle and Kody tied had their own matrimonial ceremony.

Kody’s parents are Mormons, but weren’t always polygamous. They converted when Kody was away on a mission because his mother Genielle felt very strongly about the religious belief system behind the polygamous lifestyle.

But what sounds good in theory, doesn’t always go well in practice, especially at first. Kody’s mom and Janelle’s mom didn’t always get along as well as they do now. When Sheryl joined the family, Genielle struggled with jealously. Sheryl was educated and beautiful, and took up a great deal of their husband Winn’s attention while Genielle was focused on the raising children. The two women went through a rough patch, but now they’re the best of friends! They seem to really enjoy each other’s company and have a very deep, lasting relationship that has grown into lifetime companionship.

As Kody’s mom Genielle explains it:

“Each wife is a spoke in the wheel. When a new wife joins the wheel, the other spokes have to move to balance out. But the more spokes that are in the wheel, the stronger the wheel is.”

Despite their unconventional and complicated family tree, this family still seems loving, level-headed, and lacking the high levels of anxiety and dysfunction that usually makes for good reality television.

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  • Jennie

    Holy Crap that is CRAZY! I don’t know how I would feel about my mom marrying my hubby’s dad lol.

  • GimmieASign

    Seriously? You don’t know how you’d feel? I know just how I’d feel…………

    Yes, it’s totally wack-a-doodle. Of course, these are True Believers. Believers in a complete lie, but True Believers, nonetheless.

    • Demona

      Its no different than what others do all the time. Just watch Jerry Springer clips (don’t even need full episodes).
      Step children fool around, marry, inlaws marry each other. It’s only sensationalized because compound polygamy has gotten so much attention that their polygamy status makes it a better story.

  • Robin Bush

    I think that they are so cute! They all seem to get along and yes they admit some rough times, but in the end,, they are all committed to one another and make their life work for them! I couldnt do it but I respect that they can….

  • Debbie

    Maybe 25% of Kody is better than 100% of some other dude, I don’t get it myself but it idn’t any of my or the rest of the worlds business.

  • carolyn cherry

    I’d appreciate this practice more if it was equal for a wife to
    have multiple husbands. Kody said this idea was vulgar. Is it
    vulgar because he says it is? There was a time and place for
    these practices for procreation centuries ago, when many kids
    died and young and having lots of kids was a sign symbol. We are
    beyond that and Kody is just a regular guys who wants screw who
    he wants, when he wants. At this point, the show is supporting his
    family. When the cameras stop rolling, what will they do, go on
    welfare, so the taxpayers can support them. He doesn’t have the
    means to support his family and that really disturbs me and should
    him. This family will break and soon.