PHOTO Teen Mom Maci Bookout shows off her new boob job

Teen Mom Maci Bookout shows off her new boob job

Teen Mom Maci Bookout recently posted this photo on Facebook, visually confirming a story in Life & Style on February 3 that she had a b00b job. In the article a friend of Maci’s claimed she had the procedure, raising her cup size from an A to a C.

(I dunno – those look pretty darn big for C cups! I may have to add a couple items to “My Top Five Inanimate Objects on Teen Mom” post!)

Here’s a before photo from Maci’s infamous “beer bong Spring Break” with boyfriend Kyle King:

Teen Mom Maci Bookout and boyfriend Kyle King with a keg mug

I remember reading an article somewhere online in which Maci herself confirmed that she had the procedure done, but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it again. (Any help?)

But, even though she did confirm it, I think there may be another, more sinister truth! Maci stole her breasts from this girl:

Did Teen Mom Maci Bookout steal her new breasts?

Nah, just kidding. I’ve just been looking for a reason to share that photo for some time 🙂

So what do you guys think about the new Maci Bookends? It could just be a really good bra.

UPDATE – Here’s another photo of Maci with three large b00bs – her two and Gary Shirley!

  • Liz

    I think she looks fantastic !!! Shes not going overboard with them, she looks great. Go Maci !!!!

  • Ashley Robins

    i love Maci to death but why did she spend all that money to get ” famous all over again?”

  • danielle

    wow i cant even believe it.
    IM DISGUSTED. Way to put the womens movement back another 100 years.
    WHY DO THESE GIRLS THINK THIS IS A GOOD THING? I would give away my chest to avoid creeepy leers all damn day.
    these girls must have some self esteem issues or something, but now they just look dumb!!!! obvious fake boobs, especially when we all saw your flat ass chests on TM1

    • Now woman you must be a jealous a$$ b!tch do you know how many woman get b00b jobs a day??your focused on her she didnt even go all crazy and get em huge she got em a decent size and you must some ugly s o b get over it!!!she got paid its her money and she can do wht the f**k she wanna do with it get your own life

    • brooke

      Wow, you are so ignorant and immature. First of all she’s not trying to “regain” her spotlight. Considering they are starting a new season and that’s the one EVERYONE is eager to see. AND She didn’t even get a boob job. Ever hear of push up bras and even push up bikinis. Besides that her boobs look the same as they always have. And if they did get a little bigger it’s probably because she is so much older and maybe gained a little weight. I really never thought they were even that small to begin with. They are proportioned with her body she just never tried showing them off with those hardcore push up bras and low cut tees.

  • kayla

    seriosuly, her just is just stuck out a little. he put it is pushed back adn her front forward. Wow, really,. het a life. Farrah got the job, not maci

  • Whitney

    How sad I forgot o yeah all bc of being 16&pregnant she’s even mentioned. ..n Kyle is gross

  • Paige

    Maybe she’s just wearing a really good push up bra, you know they do make such a thing now a days!!! Also her back is really arched and she’s sticking her chest out… I don’t & won’t believe it until she comes out and admits to it, which even if it is true she probably won’t do cause its nobodies business but hers. I love Maci and I think she’s a good mommy to Bentley which is all that matters, so what if she did get a boob job but I don’t think she did. <3

  • nunya

    I used to have a bra that added a cup to your breast size… it had super duper padding. So those type bras do exist(I got mine from Wal-mart).. but I highly doubt it’s the bra. She got ’em done.

  • Kayla

    Funny how people say this is nobody’s business but hers. But when it comes to Amber. All hell breaks loose. Gosh people just leave every single one of them alone.

  • Smarter

    Lol, really? It’s called wearing a padded bra, sucking your stomach in and sticking your chest out. Almost every girl age 13-30 has mastered this. Comparing it to the bikini picture is even more pointless. Breasts always look smaller in bathing suits because they don’t offer the same support a bra does and, if you want to nitpick, a black bikini top will make her look smaller than a light gray/off white shirt will.

    Kayla, I sure hope your talking about Amber’s leaked picture and not her physical assault, otherwise you’re comparing apples and oranges.

  • Sarah

    It’s called a push up bra. I’m an A and I can look just like that with a really good one.

  • Jessica

    She look great but I wonder if the fame is getting to all of their heads now and with all the money they get do the babies get any money. Right now it seems like all the teen mom girls are the real one who benefiting for the money and the photo but what about the babies? will there be any money left after teen mom is done is it just me but they all seem like attention whore they love post photos of themself online to get feedback from the fans it like get over yourself.

  • kayla

    Okay. Seriously people. If you look, her back is arched and they make awesome push up bras! Duh! How stupid are people. And i noticed had put Maci BookENDS it BookOUT. Wow, get your facs straight. This site needs to serisouly get their facs straight and learn how to make a decent website with REAL facs. Wow.! They make bras that make you change a couple cup sizes. I have on. And every girl knows how to make their boobs look bigger by archign our backs, sucking in our stomachs, sticking our butt out! haha DUH! Really? Wow! Maci is a wonderful mom to Bentley and always has.

    • admin

      BookENDS was a joke.

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  • Mazlie

    She was so wholesome (as wholesome as a prego teenage could be) when she was on 16 and pregnant and she has slowly transformed into a mega s|ut. its really nasty, I’m not just talking the rumoured boob job but the blonde hair, the extensions and the overall way she carry’s herself now. ew.

    • brooke

      Since when does blonde hair make someone a sl*t ? Extensions don’t make someone a sl*t either. Extensions make someone have long hair when they have trouble growing out their own. Oh yeah sorry, I forgot having long hair is sl*tty.

  • Wendy

    I don’t see how they look any different than before…maybe a really good bra? But they don’t look that much bigger to me.

  • Me

    No push-up bra in the world can do to you. Even thought I don’t really care about what she did, I think she had them done. Looks good though, and it doesn’t mean she’s a badmother or anything.

  • Suzanne

    I think she had a boob job.. Anyone also noticing the pack of cigarettes in her back pocket? It looks likes she really transformed from nice to sl**ty.

  • Lol

    Just because someone smokes doesn’t make them a s**t or anything. If it does then half the broads on this planet are pretty s**tty; even if she has a kid, it’s her choice and I guarantee you Bently is still happy as he was on the show. And her boobs aren’t done, it’s the way she’s standing — but that doesn’t really matter either because their her breasts and if she wants to get a boob job, then she can. Just like Farrah did. It’s none of our business about how they alter their body, do their hair or stand.

  • robin

    Isn’t anybody wondering where she’s getting this money when she has a baby to take care of and an apartment to pay for?

    • Rose

      no not at all remember she gets money per episode and she has a full time job and all the other things she does. ie selling pics to ok mag shit like that. these girls are money bags now look at amber she is lasy as f**k sits at home all day long but still has enought money for her own place thanks to mtv

  • Rose

    If the frist pic is what we are looking at, 1st thats not maci,2nd boobs are not that big so get the f** over it, 3rd she is an adult so people should not get down on her for what she wants to do!

  • G

    Who cares if she got a boob job, she’s not the first person to have gotten one before. It’s her body and her money and she can do whatever she wants just like all you haters get to choose what you do to yourself.

  • Ally-Anna

    Someone said that Kyle looks like a pumpkin… and he actually does! Yuck, she can do so much better. Breast implants aren’t going to make her look any better, she looked fine before, now she is just dumbing herself down. You’re smarter than that, Maci!

  • Zora Afan

    Those Sackboy creations are amazing! Very creative! Well done.

  • sarah

    im confussed why this is any of our business. if she wasnt on TV noone would even care. people get fascinated by the DUMBEST sh*t

  • Jesse

    Kyle has a boner.