16 & Pregnant Update: Ebony Jackson is married to Josh Rendon and trying for another baby

Ebony Jackson was one of the original teen moms featured on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, but both she and Whitney Purvis reportedly weren’t invited to be featured on the fame-inducing sensation Teen Mom.

On Ebony’s episode she seemed like a girl with a good head on her shoulders, but the baby’s father Josh needed to step it up a little. At the time he seemed pretty bad, but 16 & Pregnant Season 2A has shown us a vast array of young dads who prove that it could be a lot worse.

Josh and Ebony are now married and Josh is in the air-force, studying to be a mechanic, and they’re talking about expanding their family.

Even though Ebony missed out on a higher degree of fame and a potentially huge paycheck by not going on to become a Teen Mom, she recently told Life & Style (via celebritybabyscoop.com) that she’s glad she wasn’t chosen to be on the hit show. “The Teen Mom couples are just so unhappy,” she says. “And now they have to deal with everyone knowing them and getting in their faces.”

Ebony has speculated that she wasn’t chosen for the show because her life wasn’t as dramatic or chaotic as some of the other girls (exhibit A). Also, her military housing would make it difficult for MTV to get permission to film.

Eight months ago Ebony posted this message to her fans via Teen Mom star Maci Bookout’s Facebook Page:

Update after 16 and pregnate aried
Current mood: anxious
Hello fans, i would like to update you on alot of the things that you have been emailing me about: first off we werent chosen to be on teen mom because we didnt have enough drama ann we are a militarty family now so the cameras can not film on base with us unless the higher power of the military signs off on it. If you do want an update show please contact mtv.com and request an update on me and my girl whitney who also did not get chosen to be on teen mom. second Josh is in the airforce and is doing well he is going to be a mechanic and we will be sation in little rock arkansa and we are happy about that so look out duggers her come the rendons!!! Josh graduated basic on may 2 and will graduate from tech school august 4 and then he is coming home for 10 days and then we move I would love to thank all of the fans for all of your support these last few months you guys have made the wait for josh alot easier. Especially those military wifes who have given me lots of insight on being a new military wife….Jocelyn is getting bing now she tured 1 on april 29th and she is starting to walk, she loves her cuzins and loves to dance i will be posting video on facebook and make sure that it says ebony jackson the ebony rendon-jackson is not my page…. once again i love you guys and thank you for all of you support!!! love Ebony N jocelyn

CLICK HERE to watch Ebony’s 16 & Pregnant episode on demand.

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  • Jessica

    I believe when she said that mtv didnt pick her and whitney because they didn’t have any drama in their relationship in like 10 years do these girls really think they are going to have a real career.

  • Jacara Alexander

    Hey Ebony, you are my hero and I just watched your 16 and Pregnant where are they now? show, and I just wanted to saw you are my hero. I think all the girls stories and and you guys are all my heros. But i wanted to get close to you because i wanted to know how your doing with your career and cooping with Josh leaving and not being around all the time. Please email me back I would love to talk to you about your tattoo career and everything your going there. Its just cause my boyfriend is think about going to army or something of that nature please help? my email is jacaralyn@yahoo.com

    • nunya

      It’s not that serious.

      • Mrs Brigidd

        LOL-4 real

  • olivia

    what a beautiful family : ) ! good for them

    • Mrs Brigidd

      no good for them- they both got arrested for drugs in their house, child neglect, and a house ridden with feces, their baby was taken away


    WOW! Just read this article and Im disgusted! All that talk all this fame given to you and your husband and yet you blow it all away with drugs and CHILD NEGLECT! There are literally hundreds of programs out there for child care help and support not to mention the added benefits of being a military family! I can’t believe that you would put your child in a house of disgust as THAT! Im happy you and your husband got arrested. Hopefully it opens your eyes and you get the help you need to see what REAL life is all about and how to treat a child. You live in a FREE house on base the least you can do is TRY to keep it clean.. REALLY baby poop and dog crap on the walls and floor of every room? I was a SINGLE father with custody of my 2 kids balancing the military AND a Job full time NOT living on base housing and I still kept them clean fed and and out of harms way! you guys have NO EXCUSS! GET YOUR LIVES STRAIGHT AND GET YOUR DAUGHTER BACK! Make sure you let your husband know that your little girl needs her father thats THE MOST important part of her LIFE! Wish MTV would make a show about Step moms that Actually step up to the plate and care for kids that aren’t even their’s! My wife would blow you out the water with my children being her step kids!!! Real parents Biological or NOT don’t put children in FILTH as you and your husband have!

    For those of you that have no idea what this rant is about

  • Courtney

    We are stationed at LRAFB and I am disgusted that something like this was happening so close to me.

  • R.rios

    I have to agree with the single dad you guys are a disgrace to parents single mom at 17 and never put him in that type of living.wow

  • ashley

    Maybe she didn’t want them to film her family because they have feces, flys, maggots, and drugs in their military home. Just maybe (:

  • Brigidd’Therisa Page

    I read on another website that she had her baby taken away by cps because the police found drugs in her house including tons of animal feces in EVERY room