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America Pickers Danielle Cushman

Anyone who has watched an episode of the immensely popular reality series American Pickers on The History Channel knows that when the “boys are away” the cat don’t play! The cat in question being Danielle Colby Cushman, a tattooed punkabilly filly who manages the office at Antique Archaeology while hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are out picking.

I’m a huge fan of the show, and the first time I watched it and the guys were panning through piles of junk looking for that gold nugget item I was mesmerized! I’m a yard sale and flea market junkie myself, and watching the show was pure vicarious fetishism! But then they called the office and Danielle popped up on the screen. Watching became a whole different kind of fetishism at that point…

Danielle Colby Cushman poses for an America Pickers promo picture

On the History Channel’s web site for American Pickers it says this about Danielle:

A mother of three, Danielle is always working on a new creative project, whether it’s painting, designing clothes or selling vintage-inspired gifts online. She feels extremely proud of the “boys” and fortunate to work with such a talented pair.

What they failed to mention is that one of Danielle’s “creative projects” is founding Burlesque Le’ Moustache, a burlesque troupe in the Quad Cities region of Iowa and Illinois! (The “Quad Cities” actually includes the five cities of Davenport, Iowa; Moline, Illinois; Rock Island, Illinois; Bettendorf, Iowa; and East Moline, Illinois.)

Not only is Danielle Colby Cushman the founder of Burlesque Le’ Moustache, she is also the director and a performer! Yep, Danielle struts her stuff, performs comedy routines and reveals just about everything under her stage name, Dannie Diesel:

America Pickers Danielle Cushman as Burlesque Le' Moustache's Dannie Diesel

In an amazingly extensive article by River Cities’ Reader Danielle talks about how she was turned on to burlesque:

Raised in what the Davenport native calls “a very loving but strict household” of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the 34-year-old Colby-Cushman says that her interest in burlesque originated when she was “10 or 12 years old.” But her fascination with the centuries-old art form didn’t fully take hold until six years ago, when Colby-Cushman and her husband and children were living in Chicago, and she attended a performance starring comedienne Margaret Cho and legendary burlesque artist Satan’s Angel.

“It was amazing,” says Colby-Cushman of the show’s ensemble of comics, singers, dancers, and striptease artists. “Growing up in a strict household, I think I went into that evening thinking that burlesque was taboo and wrong and bad. But what I realized after I left that event was how absolutely liberating it was, to be in a room with women on stage who were ranging from a size zero to a size of, easily, 28 – all different types of women, with all different strengths.

“I left thinking, ‘Who cares if I have stretch marks? Who cares if I’m a size 14 or 12 or 10? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I like myself.’ That’s the feeling I left with, and it was life-changing, and at that point I knew I wanted to do it [burlesque].”

American Pickers Danielle Cushman's burlesque alter ego Dannie Diesel

Wow. But being a burlesque performer isn’t the only bawdy fun surprise in Danielle’s closet! She first took the name Dannie Diesel for her three-year stint on a roller derby team! (At this point, why are we even watching Mike and Frank?!?)


I owned a roller derby team and after three years of roller derby I pretty much tore my body up. The roller derby team I owned was called the Big Mouth Mickies, which was just a bunch of Irish girls that got together because we really wanted to do roller derby. But I think the shelf life of a roller derby girl is like three to five years. And so we really missed doing roller derby — and I’ve wanted to do burlesque for so long so I just decided f**k it — let’s start a burlesque troupe. And I own the troupe — Burlesque Le’ Moustache. It’s myself and five other girls — many of which are from the Big Mouth Mickies. Some are from the Quad City Rollers here as well.

Here is Danielle (right) along with Moly Tov (left) and Danielle’s younger sister, Carbomb Betty showing off their advertising assets prior to a Mickies match:

Big Mouth Mickies Molly Tov, Carbomb Betty and Dannie Diesel

Danielle’s edgy demeanor and alternayumminess wasn’t a happy accident, though. As Mike Wolfe reveals in this video interview, she was hired after they found out The History Channel had picked up American Pickers and he wanted someone in the office that looked nothing like someone who would work at an antique shop:

Here’s what he actually says, beginning right at the :52 mark:

“Danielle, we’ve known each other for about ten years and when we sold the show to History I needed to hire somebody that did what I did, that did what we did with the research and dissecting things as far as where we were gonna go and I asked her to do it, and she’s like, Are you guys nuts?!? And it worked out really well.

“I saw what she was capable of, and she’s got the edge, she’s got the look. One thing I wanted when I hired her and I knew she was going to be on camera, I wanted someone that did not look like they would work in any antique shop because I wanted our show to be looked at in a different way. I wanted people to look at antiques like they’re fun, they’re rad, they’re killer, they’re awesome. I wanted people to know that they didn’t have to have a blue blazer and ten cats to be an antique dealer.”

Leave it to Mike Wolfe to “pick” the priceless Danielle! He wanted fun, rad, killer and awesome and boy did he get it!

Sexy picture of Danielle Colb Cushman of The History Channel's American Pickers

Tune in to American Pickers on The History Channel Mondays at 9/8c! You can see more of Danielle on her official Facebook page and lots more of Dannie Diesel on the Burlesque Le’ Moustache website as well as her alter ego’s Facebook page! For your Danielle Roller Derby fix you’ll have to visit their MySpace page, which has tons of fun photos!

UPDATE! Danielle has an awesome new website! Virtually RUN, do not walk, over to right now!

Here’s a video slide show montage of all things Danielle Colby Cushman including promo shots from America Pickers, Dannie Diesel pics and even a couple Big Mouth Mickies roller derby photos!

And one last amazing shot of Dannie Diesel for dessert…

American Pickers Danielle Colby Cushman poses as burlesque alter ego Dannie Diesel

Be sure to click our Danielle Colby Cushman category link because after this post we fell head over stilettos for her and have kept track with pretty much everything she has been up to!

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  • casey cleckner

    Danielle is soooo pretty she is pretty much the main reason why i started watching american pickers. but then the pickin spirit came thru me from frank and mike u 3 are the bomb i love to watch and see wat u guys pick and then daniel walking her sexy self out of the door or garage and all she gotta do is talk and bam im hooked like a fish lol the point im trying to make is that daniels fine as a world super model i dont care wat any body says bout u u r so hot plz write me back daniel

    casey c

    • Todd

      Danielle is hot! 98% of why I watch the show.

    • kiki

      her son is in my math class!!!

  • Anthony Williams

    I agree with Casey, Danielle is super Crazy Hot! she is very pretty. I just started watching the show. i saw her in the commercials and thought to myself DAMN!!!! SHE”S GORGEOUS!!!!



    • Robert

      I told my gf the same thing and she got jealous.

  • Reece

    Danielle is the show. She has to be the finest babe on prime time.
    The show is great, Frank and the other guy are a couple of yahoos.

  • You are hot I love the Burleque Le” Moustache photo Would like to purchase one If they are for sale? keep up the good work

  • LOU in KC

    Danielle you are the modern day Betty Paige… I really
    enjoy the show a lot… your spirit just takes that show
    over and its captivating to say the least. Frank and Mike
    are great, the modern day Felix and Oscar..

  • Mike

    Danielle needs to stop writing about herself! I think she looks like something on early release. I bet she probably hung around the prison showers waiting for the fresh meat.

    • Alex

      This is to Mike: Why would you write something like that about someone you don’t know and probably never even met? Your derogatory
      remarks and low opinion of others clearly reflect what’s inside you. I wouldn’t be so quick to demonstrate my ignorance if I were you. Remember, it is better for people to think your ignorant, than to open up your mouth and remove all doubt. You need to take a long look in the mirror and see what others see in you. It’s not very attractive. Alex.

      • J-dog

        Tousche!! you tell that dumb s.o.b.!!
        Everybody’s cool ’til they prove otherwise.
        Dude probably still lives with his parents and can’t get a girlfriend to save his life so he just sits at his computer and talks smack about other people. Get a life bro

  • Rob T

    Danielle is great! She’s so exotic and cute. If I was 30 years younger, had hair and not married….oh screw it I’m just dreaming now.

  • tcaros

    American Pickers is an immoral show.
    Here’s you have two guys (probably closet 40 something gay lovers) that go around RIPPING OFF people. They use their knowledge and then offer a FEW BUCKS for something worth hundreds more. Afterward they giggle in their van about the whole caper, smelling each others farts.
    As for Danielle, she’s white trash. Women like her get tattoed because they are ugly in the face and want something for some beer breather to look at.
    The show is pitiful and immoral in so many ways.

    • tedf

      tcaros, dude get a life. Do you think Walmart is immoral? How much markup do you think they have on what they are selling you. Mike and Frank are in business, yes they buy a sign for 50 bucks that’s worth $100. But they have to hold that sign, and find someone willing to pay that $100, all along taking a risk that it isn’t worth $100 or even $50. As for the tatoos – well personally I have none, but what Danielle does with her body is her own damn business, and not yours or mine.

      • MichelleL

        I love this show!!!! It’s fun and interesting also some what educational…
        Oh by the way WELL said Tedf!!!! 🙂

        • V MAN

          She is one hot woman and she makes the guys want to watch the show all the time.Lincoln ne. Im not shy.

      • J-dog

        How do you think people make money? These guys are brilliant. They go around putting CASH in peoples wallets and get their so-called trash back out into the world and into the hands of someone who might actually use it. Recycling at its most basic form. I don’t hear you talkin smack about the companies who pay next to nothing for recycleable materials and turn them into an overpriced product. this is the way markets work. cant be in business if you don’t make money. dumb asses like you are why our whole economy has gone to hell.
        as for danielle. your tattoos are almost as hot as you are. this persons just jealous cause you could probably kick the snot outta his silly ass

    • sulli72

      I think that guys who say mean thing about danielle, are those who can’t getlaid in a mourg!

    • Alex

      If you feel the show is trash, what are you doing watching it then? What does this say about you? LOL Alex.

  • YourMcdreamy

    Yes, she’s a doll! I do watch the show
    every week – Sometimes just to get a glimpse of her!
    One of these days I got to figure out what her Tatt is…
    …Leopard, Cheetah????
    ThankYou Danielle

  • YourMcdreamy

    What a doll!

  • Steve

    She is the bomb !!!!

  • vela

    hola danielle quiero desirte que tienes un admirador latino y que disfruto mucho el show cuando te miro ahi eres hermosa eres la mujer mas saxy de la tv un beso y asta pronto…..

  • Neal

    I love the show and always enjoy seeing Danielle, she is the all American women, and she knows it. Love to see more pictures, don’t be afraid to show off your tattoos.

  • fernando

    I love Danille,she is so freaking hot!!!

    • pthrn

      Would love to see her in a pair of daisy Duke shorts.

  • james

    She is a beautiful women. Mr.Cushman is a very lucky man.

  • Andrew Cooper

    Danielle is the hottest and sexiest woman on the planet. I wish they would show her more often.

  • Greg

    I love Danielle and all her sl**ty tattoos. I don’t have a problem with the guys making a profit off of their purchases either. Compare the work they do (traveling the country rummaging through old barns and attics to the guys at Pawn stars who sit behind a desk, let desperate gambling addicts sell their treasures and give them the same 50%.

  • Barney

    Love her retro look. Hot Rod puts out a retro magazine with women who actually look like women. Not the skinny skanks we are supposed to think look good today.

  • Anthony

    The show is awesome in every way, the picking, you name it. Most of all Danielle is bangin’ hot and we all want to see more of her assets! Just a strong suggestion of fan appreciation, give her a solid 15 min. per hr. of camera time with her tight jeans!

  • Anthony

    The show is great guys, in every way! Just a positive, strong suggestion, give Danielle a solid 10 to 15 mins. camera time per each episode showing more of her assets, like tight jeans, cause’ damn she is bangin’! Come and do some show taping in Connecticut. We have huge value and history from colonial era and farming towns out here in New England.

  • LIB

    Hey Danielle-

    Inspiring the youth right back in me.
    I tap danced on my 30th bday (and never stopped loving it)
    and belly danced at the Taste of Chicago (do not recommend
    the venue due to grease and wind).
    Seriously though I really did these things……….check out Dahlena the belly dancer
    extraordinaire in Chicago……her daughter danced for the Opera House ,,,,,,,,,yet Dahlena is the grooviest!
    Hope to view your show sometime.
    Our kids are into hockey and downhill skiing…….we have
    a rink in the backyard!
    -Thanks- I even got back to sewing since you have made it
    sheek again.

  • chuck

    Rumor has it Mikey and frank are gay..I doubt it very much!!!!!!!!! Why would they be gay? when they are bopping Danielle. those lucky junkyard dogs!! LOL love the show..

  • sulli72

    Danielle is the best part and the backbone of the show! She has to put up with those two knuckleheads! and I think she is very sexy especially with het tats!!!

  • Terry Cluchey

    Not really into tattoos but she sort of has changed my mind, sooo I guess I am saying she is hotttttt.

  • Chris

    Dam she is joy to see on tv

  • B

    Danieele……I would spend a weekend with my face in your p**sy……..Thant’s…what I’m pickin

  • Stormy

    Great show and validates my own fixation with old rusty signs and Betty Page badgirl lookalikes. Danielle has that naughty, hot, brunette look that puts every other woman to shame and so smoking hot I think she is likely to go places in television….I know for one I would watch her on any show doing anything and buy every damn thing sold during commercial breaks….thats a tv producers demographic dream! Thats because Danielle is the old femme fatale that no man alive can resist! The black widow, Elvira and Betty Page all rolled up into one!!! Man, if I had a girlfriend like her, I would never leave the house!

  • Jack

    ANY guy who does not think Dannie is sexy must be dead! I think most guys wish that she would show a little more on the show!! She is very sexy and if I had an antique shop I would want her to work for me !! If she ever leaves the show,it is doomed!!!

  • donna

    Hey Danielle, I think you are great with Frank and Mike, I really love the show.. Keep up the great work and dont let them run you over..

  • MIGUEL GOMEZ **mexico**


  • Wildwes

    Greetings from Chincoteague Island! An obscure fraction of the great Commonwealth of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Tis here my Sacred Beacon, you may find your most loyal subject “Wildwes” adrift this lovely Ocean Atlantic! Bless YOU my Dearest for personnacating the “Catalyst” all essential, effectuating as quantum metamorphic coeffecients and potentuallities therefore; so too satisfies the criterion of what can be considered “ART’ = “Creation” = Divine Spirit = “You” Danielle. This dynamic maxim serves to differenciate your communication vehicle “American Pickers” into that which satisfies the criterion of “Artistic Entertainment”. There exists “Art” ,preserved within the natural,and therefore original, context of “creation” abounds all that is about you. It is by virtue of your dazzeling emenation that this once stranger once unknown finds you SPLENDID! So too, the four of us share in like, once which bonds strangers unknowing through out the mortal harlaquinade of passionate pursuits in corrolation with “Life ;Eternal Universe” of those like minded spirits who are in fact SYNERGIC in union.

  • love the show, but “please” guys won’t you tell us what town you are in when you stop. saying northern Iowa or SW Illinois doesn’t cut it haha, i want the town please, all my family is from iowa . Junie

  • jojoagogo

    Thought she ws hot too, that roller derby photo shows she got a bunch of junk in the trunk, get to workn out girl

  • Mike K

    I just had to say… I think she is probably one of the sexiest women I have EVER laid my eyes on! IM OUT!

  • Big Al

    Danielle is ALL woman. Her body is what a sexy woman is supposed to look like…full, voluptuous and sexy! Hope to see more of you on the show. Hell, they should give you your own show!

  • Frn

    i dont like tatoos on women, in my opinion , they look cheap with tatoos , but theres somethin about this one an kat von d that i like,

  • daddy

    Im watching her right now

  • Jeff Adkins

    I’m watching a marathon of the show as I type this. It’s one of the best shows on now. The guys are hilarious & Danielle is awsome she’s sweet and has a wonderful personality & I dought she is as judgemental as tcaros who ever this idiot is. I would bet he considers himelf a christian that would only make sence you have to feel sorry for him or her.

  • Pat

    Dannielle is just flat out adorable. She is both cute and exotic at the same time. Lovely lady!

  • She is a bluesman’s dream.

    • Steve walker

      Danielle, You are one class Lady. Mike is right when se said that you filled the bill for the store Manager. Keep up the GREAT Work all of you….Love the show 🙂


      Great show , great gal !
      I love watchin it…keep it going all of you !
      A big fan from UK.

  • ernie

    i dont know who of the three i like best.

  • luis

    if she is beautiful..!!!! =D

  • Robert

    Danielle is why every guy is watching the show. The highlight of the show is when she shows off her enormous ass. Keep doing it.

    • Sean

      Me too I think she is very Beautiful n her her enormiuos round ass!xd

  • Nik Skoog

    Daniele, you’re what a woman should look like, all the right curves in all the right places. I just want to challenge you to a wrestling match and I’m not saying I’d let you win but I wouldn’t mind loosing. Stay beautiful! I’m a picker from oregon when are you coming to the great Northwest?

    • Jerry

      Danielle, You are a firefighters dream, I love the look and you have everything in all the right places. Unbelievable booty and hard body, intelligent and no doubt very classy. Hope you make it to Washington State so I can see with my own to you always beautiful…

  • Donnie

    I love her she seems to be the highlight of the show. The other 2 are just plain dirtbags who rob elderly people of there belongings.

    • Miranda

      You mean “their” not “there.” Why are you that dumb?

  • Alan

    Hey Danielle,
    I have to say I truly love the show and have always wanted to what the guys do, but I waited too late and am disabled now, that’s life…
    I watched the show several times before I ever noticed your tattoos and while large tattoos on ladies never did a lot for me. You have added a touch of class to the art of tattoos on a lady. Making it very intriguing and easy on the eyes, nice touch and goes nice with those eyes, lol.
    My beautiful wife of 35 years always wanted a large tattoo and I was against it. Only if she was still alive.

    • tim


  • Ray

    Hi Danielle

    I have to say you make the show a lot more interesting, wish they would show more of you. Wonder if you are married?


  • freddy

    Danielle I love you so much. I’m from Colombia

  • john mccormick

    you all act like she reads these comments … come on really?

  • Danielle is an incredible sexy woman!!!! This is comming from a south Philly Italian man,,,,and we know sexy

  • rory

    coming from England in the uk . i view pickers most days and danielle is the reason i watch . she is sexy and being a tattoo fan myself and have lots of them too . she is hot

  • jeremy

    hey Danielle.. I don’t get your really updated shows, but I still watch what ever they show it in the episodes coz you are really fun to watch..:) your doing amazing job and its really great to see you in American pickers.. 🙂 and also you got a fantastic collection of Antiques witch is really hard to find..:) is there any way that I can have your email or contact information’s please? by the way your hot hot hot..:) that’s how I describe you..:) keep it up Danielle.. good luck..

  • tony

    You are very fine lady. I would take you home to meet mom.Take care.

    have good time Tony

  • Like they say don’t like the music don’t listen ,don’t like the movie don’t watch . All I have to say guys is keep rockin it your the greatest.

  • Dan

    I’m glad they gave you a raise in the third season, you deserved it!

  • Danielle you should consider posters of the pictures posted, love the risgue one showing a lot of classy you also the burlesque one on the stairway also the poster, please consider either 8×10 or posters. Stay hot great show.

  • tom

    Danielle your smokin hot american pickers be nothin without ya

  • Adrian M.J. Wilson

    So Was It just a Part of the Show, The part were you said You “Like” Big Men? Cause If that was true, that would surprise The hell out of me.

    • Paul

      she is not a freak, she seems very intelligent on top of being very stunning and personable, yes maybe she is a big part of making that show popular. nothing wrong with tatoos. and most of her tatoos are in places that can be hidden by clothing if she chose to.

  • NotForMe

    I don’t see the appeal with Danielle. All those gaudy and crude tattoos. She’s a freak show.

    • David Shryock

      I get tattoo’s aren’t your fancy, but it’s uncalled for to call her a freak! Douchebag.

  • Dave

    Danielle is simply a beautiful lady. Love her tattoos, personality and looks. Very attractive honey.

  • Danfromouteast

    Just too darn beautiful. If she does like bug men um starting to eat as I write this

  • walt

    not only nice bod, her personality is what probably sets her apart from just another niced dish!

  • eduardo

    Danielle, eres totalmente espectacular, tu mirada es muy sexi, y tu cuerpo es un conjunto de curvas hermosamente formadas.
    Danielle, you are very beautiful queen, you are sexiest queen, beautiful princess, Daniell please, what is your e-mail or you number phone ?

    Danielle, te invito a colombia,para que conozcas y disfrutes

    Danielle, I love you !!!!!!!!!

  • David

    Hi Danielle,

    Have the pleasure of watching American Pickers in Australia, and must say you are the highlight of a great show. The boys are great and really entertaining, but wow girl, you are a stunner. You sure are attracting a ground swell of popularity. Love your bubbly personality great looks and charm. Love to see you visit down under with the team, would be a vast improvement on some of the feeble attempts by our so called pickers.

    David, Melbourne, Australia

  • Robert Stephens

    I’m sure Dannielle but she is a selfmade freak of nature with all of those tattoos.

  • Keith, Steamboat Springs CO

    Mmmmmmmmmm Dani D…… love the Those Poor Bastards/Motorhead shirts great taste, coupled with style and beauty…….you need a Colorado rocker boy toy…….. I hearby offer services.

  • Tim Smith

    Dannielle ,,,, you are simply Stunning

  • George

    Danielle makes the show it wouldn’t be nearly as good without her. A very beautiful sexy woman she has those electric eyes that you can’t ignore. Simply beautiful woman.

  • shawn mcbride

    Stunning,you gotta come visit Canada kid.Cheers

  • Danielle makes the show what it is,without her they are toast. Although not a big fan of tatoos, the artwork on her chest does look sexy. She has a very nice body and certainly makes the guys take notice! She has sexy looks and has the intelligence to match. A little lower cut blouse would be nice, she should show more of that artwork. Shes great!!!!!!!

  • Darran

    I’m from the uk. Danielle. Your welcome any time. To pop in for a cup of coffee And to pick. And mix. You make the show worth watching.

  • Rafael

    Danielle, meu nome é Rafael, sou do Brasil e assisto caçadores de relíquias, onde te conheci. você é linda e adoraria saber mais sobre você. você iria adorar conhecer o Brasil. Beijos.

  • JB

    Is Danielle is hot? Yep. Are you guys nuts? Yep.

  • stariita

    She has carisma

  • Robert

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  • Mike

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  • Tom

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  • Paul

    She is married with a couple kids.Its on Wikipedia.So,all those guys who are dreaming of a relationship are just fantasizing.Yes,I think she is a very good addition to the show,yes,she is cute but I wouldnt be making such ado about a married woman.

  • Mark

    Great show , You guys are amazing. Greetings from Philippines. And also Danielle is so very pretty love that smile.

  • Big Al

    Danielle, you need your own show! Ratings would go through the roof!

  • Paul

    I am 65 , male yes you are HOT

  • Chris

    I watch the show and Danielle is a little freaky with the tattoos but i know she is a very sexy woman that can get what ever she wants.Go girl your extremely hot .

    • chrissa

      Yeah, because tattoos are such a new trend that it’s still bizarre to see them. PFFT.

    • Bryce

      I have 22 tattoos and still not done getting them. Just like Dani’s they’re appropriate and not all skulls and all. I put on my long sleave shirt and I look like a normal guy. I think one of the things that make her so gorgeous is her tattoos.

  • Adaline Breach

    I really don’t know how to save money and I’m going to st.louis this weekend imma be broke!

  • Mike D

    WHo cares, she should have nude pix to see. These picker guys picked her for a reason,. You need some eye candy on the show and these guys don’t show enough T & A for me. She should pose nude in playboy and that show will hit pay dirt, although I would prefer Swank, I want a full on face in the beaver shot,. I hope shes a hairy girl.

  • Mike D

    Wow,. I can’t wait til a porn comes out with 3 lookalikes portraying this show,. Danielle buys an old dildo and wants to try it out,. and the two guys join in after watching her getting going and give danielle a front and rear and show their appreciation for a GREAT FIND!

  • Terry Leonard

    Dannielle is great beautiful eyes and great Ink. who wouldn’t want to be witth her?

  • kris

    i would like to see all her tattoos done in the playboy style that would respects the beaver profile i not so much on seeing all that but like taseful nude pic that would show all tats an not covered up shes hot an sexy in her on cute little way an yes she makes my blood pump

  • frank sr.

    she would actually be somewhat attractive if not for defacing herself with those nasty tatoos.

    Anyone who thinks covering their chest with a leopard pattern is attractive is nuts. There is a reason people do not take their 100k mercedes and draw spray-paint mickey mouses all over it.

    • Harold

      In her natural form she would be smokin’ hawt. Like you, I don’t care for those nasty tattoos.

  • Wolfe

    Didn’t think I could like Dani D anymore and then I see her in a Motorhead tee-shirt, best Motorhead t ever!

  • ray l bennet

    i thank she is a very pruty girl and for her tattos they make her even more beater looking

  • Danny, you go girl !!!!! This woman deserves credit for not being afraid to be herself. We love you on the show and wish more time was spent showing you in the shop selling to customers.

  • William L (Bill) Grimm

    Have a couple items. I don’t know if they are worth anything. But willing to give or trade.

  • Jerry Tucker

    As a stripper Danielle really sucks. First stripper I’ve ever seen that leaves her clothes on.

  • bigfun

    i watch american pickers every chance i get in fact i am watching it now as i am typing this lol the only down fall to the show is that they dont show your beautiful self enough on the show other then that it is a great show your hubby is a very lucky man your very beautiful with an amazing body hope to see more of you on the show the best one i seen so far is when you went out picking i think you should do that more often just my opinion take care and i wish u the best in everything you do beautiful

  • richard

    sorry girl. you do not have IT!Where did they scrape you up from? Hope the money makes up for it all.The tats suck. Too bad they are forever.And by the way ,get a personality.

    • rudedog

      why do you gay guys hate on hot babes so much ?

  • barbwire

    To watch the show for the actual enjoyment of picking is gone when I found out that the clients are generally staged. Friends who actually know some of the picks. So the over the top bit with Danielle just turns me off further. She is probably better then that. I have tats and am curvy so I am not faulting her for that. I think the Show itself (writers, editors, etc…) has lost its charm. Danielle’s best bet is promote her own gig as best as she can, clothing line and all.

  • craig

    Why do they hide her hubby from appearing on the show ?

    • Richard N Grenier

      If they showed her husband it would make her seem even more unattainable, keep everyone dreaming, keep them tuned in

  • lots of love and respect danielle iv got an oldschool bike and 2 pics of my ugle mug lol

  • morok arts


  • At times, I love myself, well, that’s about it. I think, that in thinking it is not entirely possible to think. um,,,ok

  • victor

    i do not like tattoos, but i can see past them & know you are a pretty & fine looking young lady. i wood like to meet you some day & just talk.

  • Ron

    Needs to be one the road picking, has the eye for the product and knowledge to back it…needs another shot on the road. Thanks

  • marcelo

    Danielle you are simply wonderful, beautiful, diva, follow the program because I like antiques, but to have seen, my muse, keep it hot, beautiful …. kisses

    Her fan of Brazil

  • triple6inc

    w.t.f. troll’s

  • Steve

    Danielle is awesome on the show who fits in great with the guys! It would suck if the show was to end because over here in Canada, we have the Canadian Pickers and they are as exciting to watch as watching paint dry or watching grass grow!

  • philip

    Her. Body just wreaks sexual lust and pure passion……totally understand why she has 3 children…lol….would like more shots of her bending over in her jeans climbing through that junk………I love her ass……..

  • fito

    danielle you are just great love the show from mexico…

  • Marc Thompson

    Wat too much ink! Looks like a crack hoe in the skanky side of town !!

  • Horsetails

    Hottest woman on Reality TV

  • For myself, the tatts just add to her beauty. people that judge over something like a tatt and not look at her natural beauty are just ignorant and blind. She has an out going personality and beautiful eyes and smile. If you can’t see that past the tatts you need to keep your comments to yourself. ROCK ON DANNY D!!!!

  • Poppy

    Did these guys ever come close to passing a basic English course. What butchers. Also the billboard manager, what a waste

  • combatkelly

    Gorgeous . I am not a ” tat ” man , but I love hers for sure.

  • FapKing

    ide still tap it kids or not dam u hot girl I would rip that skirt off u so fast knee high tights yumyum splat

  • Louisiana

    Danielle is very hott….

  • rob

    Danielle is almost as retarded as everyone that responded to this post.

    • dementedgary

      You responded!…rob=moron.

  • Rocco De Prospero

    Hook me up with ur lil sis!!! She is smokin hot!

  • DeeMaree

    I love the show. Love Frank, Mike, and Danielle. Just a fun and really interesting show to watch. I have learned so much watching it.

  • Harry Gordon2

    I would like to see all these people have negetive things to say to try a day in her life. she is a verry smart women who should be treated better buy alot of you people who have nothing to say but negetive B.S .the three of them have a verry fun and famley orented buyness .Things in life are hard enough with out all the negitive B.S . I would love an autograph photo of all three of the main crew.If your crew is eaver in Vermont look my wife and i we could send you to some good picks. I do alittle myself. your friend Harry Gordon arlington VT 05250. 1802 430 1495 phone.

  • György Lajos

    She’s beautiful

  • Hytop

    Disgusting. Looks like a dude in drag to me.

  • dbcoyle

    Don’t need the nasty chest tats. Screams daddy issues.

    • David Shryock

      How’d you come to that conclusion

  • guitarzzzan

    Danielle is an attractive woman…if she wasn’t a tv star on American Pickers, nobody would see the big deal. People are fuktup.

  • Jallan

    I guess I’m in the minority. When I see Danielle I see a fat, ugly, narcissistic, skank stripper covered in what looks like jailhouse tats. For all you guys who seem to be in love with her and drool over her, you really need to get out of your Mom’s basement once in awhile and see what a real woman looks like.

  • Jed

    Tattoos are a fad. What will she look like when she is 85?

    • ray-ray

      Probably still friggin hot! THATS WHAT I THINK FOR SURE!!

    • Jed Doofus

      Gosh, I bet she never thought of that!!!!! /s