PHOTO Sister Wives Brown family tree chart

Sister Wives Brown family tree with Kody Brown, his 4 sister wives and all 16 children

It was already difficult keeping up with the 21 family members on TLC’s hit reality series Sister Wives which features Utah polygamist Kody Brown and his four wives, but throw in the fact that some of the children are from a previous marriage and that one of the sister wives was married to a brother of another sister wife, and what you’re left with is a big ol’ polygamuddy mess!

So we combined some professional-grade ancestegery with a bit of graphic design and came up with a “family tree” that should help simplify matters. (We recommend that regular viewers of the show print it out, laminate it and use it whenever watching Sister Wives.)

***This post was created in October of 2010 so all the ages were as of that date.

Here’s the information in harder-to-digest text form:

Kody Brown, 42

1st wife: Meri, 39
Children with Meri:
Daughter Mariah, 14

2nd wife: Janelle, 41
Previously married to Adam Barber, 41 (no children)
Adam Barber is the brother of Kody’s 1st wife Meri
Children with Janelle:
Son Logan, 15
Daughter Madison, 14
Son Hunter, 13
Son Garrison, 11
Son Gabriel, 8
Daughter Savanah, 5

3rd wife: Christine, 37
Children with Christine:
Daughter Aspyn, 14
Daughter Mykelti, 13
Son Paedon, 11
Daughter Gwendlyn, 8
Daughter Ysabel, 6
Daughter Truely, under 1

4th wife Robyn, 32
Previously married to David Preston Jessop, 31
Children with Kody Brown: 1 (Robyn gave birth October 2011)
Children with David Jessop:
David, Jr. (now known as Dayton), 10
Aurora, 8
Breanna, 6

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  • Patti in AR

    Kinda creepy that some of the kids are the same age. KWIM?

  • Susannah, Also in AR

    He likes his wives barefoot and pregnant, I guess. I wanted to cry when he suggested Meri try IVF. Here she is(well, was) studying psychology and working in the mental health field, and he wants her preggo (and given her history and age, I’d assume she would be classed as ‘high risk” which would give him a reason to ‘suggest’ that she stay home).
    ARGH. This show makes me so mad…but I can’t stop watching it!

    • Kim

      Kody only suggested IVF because Meri’s desire to have another child. He told her it was completely her choice. She always wanted lots of kids but was not able to have them. I think Kody seems like a caring husband and father.

      • trvling1

        He shut down Meri after pressuring her to have another baby. I think it was season three? Kody was pressuring Meri to make a decision (around the time the homes were being built?) about having a baby. She was initially unsure, but by the end of that season, she decided to tell Kody she wanted to try for another baby and then he dropped the bombshell on her that he didn’t want to have more children. He then proceeds to father a child with Robyn (Solomon) shortly after telling Meri “No.”…..doesn’t sound like a caring husband to me.

    • Cookie

      It’s kind of like a bad car accident. You know you probably shouldn’t just stare, but you can’t help it!! :o)

    • Jessica

      He is a pig and his 4 wives must not have any self respect.

  • Barbara

    I really enjoy getting to know them – I don’t believe in polygamy because I just couldn’t share the intimacy of my husband with another, but it seems to work for them and they seem like a terrific family and I’m really glad to learn about their lifestyle becuase it changed a lot of preconceived ideas for me. The women are strong women and know what they’re doing and choose it.

  • masselin

    They forgot to mention that Janelle’s mother is Kody’s dad’s second(sister)wife. Head spinning yet?

    • Starcasm Staff

      Yeah, we made this chart before that info was revealed. We need to update it.

  • Cheryl

    Better a family with 4 moms and one dad than one mom on drugs or worse and a absent dad there is always some one home to care and be there for the childern what is the problem with that they all work together

  • Froggie

    It only makes sense that they have deep ties. I don’t think that is a negative.

  • The pig just wants to spread his seed. The women just seem to want the financial and emotional support, and I can’t even tell if any of them really love him accept for Meri. This isn’t spiritual at all. Its a runaway train of the flesh.

  • jen

    Kody is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! I hope myself & 1 husband are not paying for your family as we are tax payers!!! You are a pig!!!! Very frustrating….!!!

    • sherry

      They are always talking about money problems…. Don’t they get paid for doing the show

  • Annie

    You forgot that Robyn’s mom is now one of Kody’s dad’s wives. This is more like a family wreath than a tree

    • Renee L

      Janelle’s mom.

  • Sue

    But he’s only legally married to one. The rest are just living with him and having his babies. Not sure what’s wrong with these women. Why would anyone want to share. Bible says one man/one woman. Sad life. Kids are probably messed up when it comes to relationships. So sad…