Sister Wives’ Robyn Sullivan’s first husband revealed!

One of the biggest questions hovering around the polygamist themed show Sister Wives is the identity of Robyn Sullivan’s ex-husband. As the show has progressed we have watched as Kody has fawned over Robyn, courting her and causing complications among his other three wives Meri, Christine and Janelle. The working of a polygamist family is the initial draw but for followers of the show the main story line is Kody’s pursuit of Robyn and her indoctrination into his family.

While Robyn hasn’t mentioned her ex’s name it was only a matter of time before this information came out and it looks as if that time is now! Star Magazine has named David Preston Jessop as Robyn’s baby-daddy and mystery ex-husband and according to the publication he is outraged that Robyn has allowed their three children to appear on the TV show.

Their source, identified as a family friend of Jessop, stated:

“The very last thing on Earth that David Preston wants is to have the private lives of his kids televised.”

Robyn married David Jessop in June 1999, and was a stay-at-home mom to their three children David Jr., Aurora, and Breanna while David ran and HVAC business and worked in construction.

David filed for divorce in 2007 with the following stipulation that extended to “family members, friends, and acquaintances”:

“Neither parent shall consume excessive amounts of alcohol in the children’s presence.”

Robyn has revealed on the show that she comes from a polygamist background and was familiar with how the arrangements work. When pregnant with her fourth child (with Kody) Robyn also shared that she’s never had a supportive spouse to help her through pregnancy and childbirth before, and that she never had a nursery with for her other three babies.

(CLICK HERE for an easy-to-read chart illustrating the entire Brown Family Tree, including all 4 sister wives, 16 children and 2 ex-husbands!)

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  • Babette

    Sounds like they are pulling something on the ex-husband if he is stuck paying this ignorant b-tch alimony and she “re-married” but not legally, so he’s still on the hook. What kind of “religion” promotes fraud?

    • denine

      Im happy for her and her children. They are in a loving and careing family and not subjected to the physical and sexual abuse that goes on in the jessop family!

      • She never was a Jessop, you dolt. Ugh, there should be IQ, spelling and “can you do the TEENIEST BIT OF RESEARCH” tests before people can post publicly. Of course with such a stupid topic, I shouldn’t have expected better.

      • caringincanada

        Christine is the cousin of the JessopDad .Not very far removed from the abuse now.Christine’s AUB church is run by a man accused of sex abuse.

    • caringincanada

      Polygamy promotes fraud.Kody was living illegally for ho many years till the ruling decriminalizing it in Utah

  • C

    ^ Babette
    most religions?

  • Cal

    I want to see just one of these families where the mothers are not on welfare or any other government assistance in order to live in such beautiful homes and drive nice vehicles.

    The Jessop compound, with its beautiful church and mansions is just one of the fraudulent lifestyle these people are living. If you want 60 kids then pay the hospital bill for delivery and raising them until 18, not taxpayers.

    Their arguments to justify this lifestyle don’t amount to a hill of beans except we know these men ENJOY sex with multiple women and sometme deviance as Jeffs proved.

    • Saintsfan1

      None of these 4, nor the 5 women on My Five Wives Show are on welfare. So now you can say that you have seen it.

      • caringincanada

        Christie was on welfare into the taping of the first show. All the Adults except Robyn have declared bankruptcy It is on the internet to see. It is the trend in polygamy. It s called bleeding the beast look it up.

        • Saintsfan1

          Christine? Is that who you mean? What is your source for this information?

  • amanda

    Why is it that Robyns kids don’t see their real father? I mean she just brings them into this family and expects them to all Kody Dad? really? not realistic. Do thye not see thier dad? I do not like Robyn, she is a trouble maker

    • Starcasm Staff

      If they have visits with their father, those won’t be filmed for television. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

      • amanda

        i agree, i just think it’s not a healthy deal that they never speak of him around the kids. And they shouldn’t be calling Kody dad. He is not their dad. No matter what relgion or beliefs you have it’s not healthy for the kids for that.

        • Michelle Wilson

          That’s kinda of bs… my soon to be 11 yr old has called my husband dad for almost 9 yrs… he has a bio dad who doesn’t want anything to do with him unless he has a gf n he wants to brag.. which has been like 12 times in 11 yrs.. hell he wasn’t even around when I was preggo.. so is it wrong that I allow my son to call another man dad.. we don’t know exactly what goes on in their homes who are we to judge.. i agree robyn coming in the family has seemed to stir up drama but we don’t know full details we only see an hr a week…

    • Guest

      I thought their dad was in jail, but I may be wrong.

  • JODY

    Of course they have 2 Dads, 1 that gave them life and 1 that they are living life with, it’s no different than any other family having step-Dad the kids don’t go around saying hey step-dad, it’s Dad.

    I think Robyn has had a tough go at getting accepted by everyone in the Brown family. Cody has been accused of giving her the most attention these past few months and so he should. Hello everyone, the lady is pregnant with 3 children to already care for, she deserves a little extra help.

    • donna marie

      another wife had a newborn and 5 other kids why do you think Robyn is so special?

  • sonya

    The viewers have obviously already figured out Robyn is a narssisistic trouble maker. Meri, Janelle and Christine are close to figuring it out if not already. I feel sorry for her 4 children that will now be caught in the middle of this tangled mess of her just trying to climb to the top. Her ex-husband should give her child support. Absolutely no alimony. Why should he, she’s able to work just like everyone else. There’s already reports that she is causing financial strife in the Brown family…overspending. Gotta get those Brazillian waxes for Kody you know…lol !

    • Ashli jill

      Well folks!… SHE (robyn), has pulled it off…. all without shedding a speck of moisture from her “crying” eyes! This JOKER ( she looks like a mister punch doll- jester), has slid right into home base!— and without having to get any dirt on her hands! I cannot stand this scallywag! WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE WOMEN? why was Robyn able to bust the gate of their family wide open?
      If I were the non-robyns, I would change my locks and DARE her or HER man and THEIR kids to come near my side of the cul-de-sac!

  • Laura

    Really amazes me that they can break the law and expect to get away with it. Dont they realize that this will start the ball rolling and Biggimist will expect to go free. Just because its there releigion doesnt make it right to put on T.V. . Just look at what television did the the Gay rights movement. Maybe Drugs will be next after this.

    • JillianC0021

      Laura you’re a dumb ass! Who cares how people decide to live they’re lives as long as they are happy and aren’t hurting anyone in the process. Who are you to even judge what should and shouldn’t be shown on T.V. If you don’t agree with it no one is forcing you to watch it. Stop being so ignorant. And FYI, the law on drugs is already taking a strange movement of change, look at Colorado, duh!

    • SueBee

      He is only legally married to ONE wife. That’s not bigamy. He’s doing nothing illegal.
      (I don’t condone this lifestyle, but I don’t condone lynching, either, just because ppl are not tolerant)

  • DJ

    To hear Robin talk her ex was an SOB
    She never had a bedroom suite and none of her children
    Ever had a crib , what kind of husband or father is he
    I will say when Robyn first came on the show I did not care
    For her very much but she has grown on me !!
    THEY SO DESIRE !!!!! If FAGS are able to marry and raise children then GOD
    I think I will be changing Religious belief and start looking for a sister wife

  • me

    she came into the family with a $34,000 debt that was from her prior marriage, part of that was to victorias secret, target, sears…goto youtube. and look for the commentary on it. IT IS all public record for you sleuths out there! Kody Brown has also claimed bankrupcy with first 3wives so far. 2010 as for recent. was also getting foodstamps while filming last year. interesting stuff….

    • I understand the resource did state her resources were wrong and this statement was made public.

  • donna marie


    • caringincanada

      Christine is David Jessop’s cousin

  • Linda

    Hey, as a single Mom, I can see why Robin would be attracted to polygamy. Free babysitting and you only have to deal with him in your bed every 4/5th night. Not a bad deal for a single Mom.
    At least they are not marrying off the girls at a young age and kicking out the sons.

    • Saintsfan1

      That would be the FLDS and I doubt this was what Robyn thought about when she joined the family.

    • caringincanada

      But the leader of Kody’s church is accused of sex abuse. By his daughter Rosemary Williams off my 5 wives. Kody and Meri were dating a girl not yet finished high school read the book. Annie the motherinlaw was asked to ask for a sign at 14 which husband she would like. Fourteen years old. The Sound choices Coalition site has women on there from AUB Kody’s church. Kristyn Decker , Christine’s Aunt wrote a book on polygamy. There is lots of info on these sites. The current AUB leader had a brother who slept with his own daughters.Kody played dumb about abuse but how could he not know. What about the AUB married guy who ran off with a 15 year old? Kody is a creep.

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  • flora

    Sorry but I don’t trust Robyn .I never have from the beginning. . She’s hiding something and making an ass out of kody. .

    • Ciparliamo

      No one can make an ass out of Kody…hes already made one of himself….

      • Observer

        Since 47% are on food stamps and 50+% of “ordinary” people get divorced who are we to judge others? The “ordinaries” have no problem jumping from one bed to the other but pass judgement on those who wish to make a commitment. There is abuse in any culture or life style. Look at yours before tearing other people down.

  • Annie Nichols