PHOTOS Taylor Swift without makeup from 2008 People shoot

Taylor Swift with no makeup

In 2008 People magazine did a great thing for their May, 2008 “100 Most Beautiful People” issue when they featured a number of the world’s most attractive women without any makeup.

One of the women willing to go cosmetically au naturel was 18-year-old Taylor Swift who told the magazine:

“I have blonde eyelashes and blonde eyebrows, so my typical insecurity is that my eyes go away when I don’t have makeup on,” says the country singer, who also went makeup-free for her PEOPLE shoot. “But it’s important to be comfortable with who you are and go natural once in a while.”

Taylor Swift not wearing any makeup

(Click here to see Taylor’s photo in the issue)

Though the photos were taken more than two years ago, it was only recently that additional photos of Taylor Swift without makeup have surfaced on sites like and! These images are from the People magazine shoot and feature the beautiful and clean-skinned Taylor appropriately posing in a field of grass and wild flowers.

Click thumbnails for larger images in the gallery:

So what do you think of the makeupless Taylor Swift? I’ve always thought Taylor had a really unique look that I wasn’t a big fan of, which isn’t to say she isn’t beautiful, just not up my alley. But these images sort of remove her porcelain complexion and have a bit of “girl next door” character about them that I like. I vote for less makeup!

Photos: Stewart Shining/
Hair/skin care/stylist: Sandi Spika Borchetta
Prop Stylist: Joy Patterson

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  • David

    Beautiful – even more so with the smile…

  • mohsen

    taylor swift picture

  • Moose

    She has beautiful eyes, but when she isnt wearing makeup all you focus on is the shape of her face. It looks very round and chubby.

    • Manny

      I don’t focus on the shape of her face, I focus on her eyes. It think that’s just you, buckaroo. And so what if her fave is chubby. Many people think that’s adorable. One of my best friends has one of those types of faces, and many people thinks she’s beautiful.

    • Bob

      I think you have a head injury or something. She does not look remotely “chubby”.

  • Diane

    I think she looks beautiful without make-up. Usually, she overdoes her eye makeup in my opinion, though I can see why she wants to wear some.

    It’s funny how everyone has their own “grass always greener” insecurities. Taylor worries that her eyes will disappear without make-up because she has blond eyebrows and blond eyelashes. I have the opposite problem – pale skin, brown eyes, dark, bushy eyebrows, and dark eyelashes. I feel like every little hair that pops up in the wrong place is so noticeable. Guess that just goes to show that, as she says, we need to be comfortable with who we are.

    I had to laugh at some of the people on one of the Taylor Swift fan forums when presented with some of these pics from People of her with no makeup. People were like, “Is that real?!” Yes, it’s real. Is it really THAT hard to see the pictures are just Taylor without makeup? Shows you that some of her fans are too used to her all done up!

  • Camilla

    My personal opinion is that Taylor Swift is gorgeous with/without make up. I understand why she feels like she needs more make up; we all have insecurities.

    – Taylor fan forever <3

  • Emily

    Maybe she does look better with makeup, but she’s still good looking without it. I would love if she went from her current light brown hair to the darkest brown she could find! It would look really good on her.

  • Ashley

    She looks great! She reminds me of faith hill in the first picture.

  • Emily

    But it’s photoshopped. I don’t think it counts lol

  • ειρηνη

    η τειλορ ειναι πολυ γλυκια και ωμορφη χωρις το μακιγιαζ εγω στην
    θεση της θα βοφομουν μονο σε επισημες στιγμες.και με το μακιγιαζ
    ειναι παλι ωρεα αλλα οχι τοσο οσο και χωρις……………..

    σαγαπω τειλορρρρρρρρρ

    the beautiful girl without make up and with make up.

    i love you taylor swift…….

  • StephenStreet

    Wow, TS is beautiful. She does not need a pound of plaster to cover her beautiful face.