Danielle Staub’s search for her biological mother: Italian mafia princess

Everyone knows the details of Danielle Staub’s sordid young adulthood, but what nobody knows is her biological parentage.

Danielle was adopted as baby by the Merrills, a protestant family in Pennsylvania in 1962, and they gave her the name Beverly. That much we can be sure of, but the story of her biological parents is murky. Danielle has taken to relating several different romantic stories of her birth parents to the press and through her memoir, and is using the mystery of her birth mother as a plot point on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

According to her ex-husband Kevin Maher, this isn’t the first time Danielle has sought her birth mother, she solicited Maher’s help during their marriage in 1989. At the time of her adoption, the records were sealed, so Maher made an unsuccessful bid to unseal those documents through his FBI and DEA connections (he was an informant). Maher says Danielle has no evidence to back up the wild tales she spins about her birth parents.

In one story Danielle supposedly told someone close to her that her mother was a 16-year-old  “Old World” Sicilian mafia princess impregnated by a Catholic priest.

In her book she says her mother was a wealthy 14-year-old Sicilian in love with a 19-year-old boy from a “forbidden” family a la’ Romeo and Juliet.  When she started to show, Danielle’s young mother was whisked away to America to give birth while at home her father was murdered. A family friend reportedly gave this information to Danielle when she was around ten. She also mentions the rumor that her mother had returned to the U.S. and had mothered six other children.

In short, Danielle believes that she was born from a fairytale, and to but she takes it a step further in her book. She expresses that she believes she inherted a taste for “the finer things” in life (who doesn’t?), innately knew how to cook Italian food “perfectly,” and absorbed Catholicism while in her mother’s womb.

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  • Stormyboo

    She is livin’ in a dream world I wonder how many books she has sold?

  • Lillian2

    OMG, she is no progeny of an Italian aristocrat if that’s what she’s implying. No good bone structure or refinement in her body or face at all. Sorry Lady, you are all peasant.

  • Margarita

    If I was her mother I wouldn’t want that mess to find me..UGH!!!

  • HarleyG

    Ok, she is dreaming a big dream, think she is out to find old Italian money lol, and her MUM is filthy rich, and seriously who wears their eyebrows like that, like she has been botoxed to death. And Mothered 6 more children, who talks like that.

  • Birthmother

    Ugh! I was found recently by a birth child n sge reninds me of danielle! How dare thse messed up ppl come n2 our lives! At this age leave us alobe

    • brad

      That’s so aweful. I sincerely hope this isn’t true

    • Bridget Gatewood

      Yeah I hope this comment isn’t true, because that’s some mess up shit you just said

  • gigi gabardini

    hahahhahahahahahaha, wow she watched way too many movies. it doesnt surprice me that the money crazy danielle makes up storeies that her biological mom was rich. And she absorbed taste for finer things in life in her mothers womb??? ok, if you are so italian maybe you should know that we italians are really traditional and toned down, its not like everyone walks around in prada shoes and carries versace bags. And the people in south italy doesnt make as much money as the ones in north, so maybe she should change her story to “My mom was an actress from Genova or maybe Milano. one other thing i dont get is… she doesnt knwo who her mom is and doesnt knwo anything about her accept she is italian, danielle doesnt look italian or act it so i think that a load of bullsh*t just as everthing else that comes out of her mouth

    • Jennifer M. Schroeder Aco

      I know this was from 4 years ago, but I hope you have since graduated grade school and learned how to spell and use proper grammar. Surprice? It’s surprise. And storeies? It’s stories. And and absorbed A taste for the finer things.

  • Bridget Gatewood

    Not a fan however, I hope she finds her mother.