VIDEO: Newest RHOC cast member Peggy Tanous infomercial

Radar has announced that the newest cast member for Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County will be 41-year-old Peggy Tanous of Irvine.  Peggy is married to web entrepreneur Micah Tanous who is, according to his linkedin profile, the owner of two marketing websites w5internet and myvirtualsalesperson.

Peggy and Micah are long time friends with current RHOC cast members Jim and Alexis Bellino.  At a Housewives viewing party that took place in Tustin last November Peggy commented on her gal-pal Alexis being on the show.

“We all got married at the same time,”  Peggy said at the party.  “Their twins were born the day after our daughter was born, in the same hospital. Alexis is real. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll let you know.”  She went on to add that she was, “very excited for (Alexis) to take on this new challenge.”

Blond OC bombshell birds of a feather must stick together because sources are saying the same thing about Mrs. tenacious Tanous.  She is being called “feisty,” “truthful” and that she is “blunt and always tells it like it is.”

A post from the Orange County Register provides a little more info about the latest RHOC cali-girl labeling Tanous as a model and infomercial host.  After doing some sleuthing I was able to track down a video of Peggy in a clip for her husband’s previously mentioned company w5internet.  In this spot she is a spokesperson for a company called Talent 6 that hires extras for movies, commercials, music videos and more.

Here is Peggy Tanous flaunting her camera skills for her husband’s business:

Via her hubby’s other listed website there are additional examples of Pretty Peggy’s skill at being what the site calls a virtual spokesmodel.  Just about every page for the site automatically loads up a video of “Peggy your virtual salesperson.”  Via a link interested clients can browse for spokesmodels and in obedient OC husband fashion Micah has his blond wife listed first.

Through Peggy’s page there is a sample of her work for a granite counter top company called Granite For Your Home.  You can check out Peggy giving her best virtual sales pitch for Granite via the link here. But, for pure entertainment value, you need to go to and watch Peggy getting down and dirty with some heavy metal Rock Band electric guitar!

There is a recently launched site called simply enough,, that as of this post only features one large photo image of what I would assume is her family.  The photo has Peggy, Micah and two adorable baby girls all decked out in pink and smiles.

Another blond with what looks like some questionably artificial Angelina Jolie wannabe lips that is blunt and feisty.  Looks like Bravo has found a pattern of success and is sticking to it.  It’s hard to argue with the results.